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Schupan & Sons is a metals and plastics business specializing in industrial and electronics recycling, fabrication and distribution, beverage container processing and materials trading. With one of their core values being, “treat our customers, employees and consumers as we would wish to be treated”, it was important to find an online learning partner whose values aligned with their mission.

A Modern Learning Library

Talyn Herson, training coordinator at Schupan, knew their previous training efforts needed an upgrade. Their previous strategy was minimal, and the format of training was dependent on who was running the machine during the time of training. Unfortunately, this made for an inconsistent program that was difficult to measure.

The delivery and content of the training weren’t the only areas that needed improvement. Training was also managed on paper, so a powerful platform to easily track results was another item on Schupan’s list.

“We needed a partner that was highly dynamic and really responsive to our needs.”

In 2016, Schupan began their partnership with BizLibrary. The new online solution allowed employees to access thousands of training videos and provided managers the ability to easily track completion of training.

Strategic Partnership

The BizLibrary Collection has been transformative in building Schupan’s new training program. When we asked Talyn what she loved about the BizLibrary Collection, she told us that it was the variety of the content. She says, “There’s something for everyone!”

Because Schupan is a growing company and composed of a multigenerational workforce, the variety of courses available allows each employee to find a style that works with their personal preferences.

Whether an employee preferred to complete training at the office kiosk or watch a video lesson in line at the grocery store, Schupan’s employees embraced their new modern learning library!

Measuring Success

Since partnering with BizLibrary, Schupan’s dedication employee development has paid off! Talyn tell us that one of their main goals is to ensure the right people are placed in the right position. Their training program helps them achieve that goal to by identifying and improving skill gaps.

Some of the key metrics used to measure the success of their training program is tenure and internal promotions. Talyn states, “If we’re training people well, then the value of those people would go up.”

Schupan’s employee tenure increased from 20 months to 24 months and their internal promotions have been averaging about 2 per month! In addition, employees are actively seeking out new content aside from their assigned coursework.

Client:Schupan & Sons, Inc.

Industry: Wholesale Trade

Top challenges: Multi-Generational Workforce

About: Schupan & Sons, Inc. was incorporated in 1968 as a non-ferrous industrial scrap processor. With very humble beginnings, the company has evolved into several metal and plastic-related areas. They conduct business on a national and international level at each division with locations in four states.