The BizLibrary Collection, curated by experts, includes modern, short, video-based lessons covering topics important to today's workforce.

All of Your Content Needs With One Partner

No need to pick and choose from a variety of content vendors. The BizLibrary Collection, including over 9,500 lessons from over 40 different content partners, is your one-stop-shop and covers the topics your organization needs to deliver a successful learning program to maintain your competitive advantage.

Curated By Experts

In partnership with over 40 content partners, The BizLibrary Collection includes the best of the best when it comes to content. Our curation specialists ensure your workforce receives high-quality, modern, engaging content delivered in a variety of topics and formats to meet their learning preferences.

Works In Any LMS

While we highly recommend letting us show you why BizLibrary content accessed within our LXP or LMS platform delivers the most engaging experience for your learners, we understand you may already have a platform in place. For that reason, our content can be delivered in any AICC or SCORM compliant LMS.

Multiple Licensing Options

Whether you are looking to deliver an exploratory learning program or have a very targeted topical or compliance need, we have multiple options for you to select the content of your choice.


Timely and Relevant

Not only does BizLibrary partner with experts, we have in-house experts as well. Our inhouse production studio and teams of writers, editors and designers allow us to quickly deliver timely, relevant content to our clients to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the workforce.

Reinforced for Maximum Retention

Worried your employees are forgetting what they have learned? Worry no more with BizLibrary reinforcement boosters. Following the completion of a lesson, learners receive a series of boosts including quizzes, surveys, polls, or reflective questions that help recall essential information and reverse the forgetting curve.

Customization at Scale

With the power to customize our off-the-shelf video lessons with branding, company specific information, interactions, quizzes and more, delivering high-quality, engaging custom content that meets the specific needs of your workforce has never been easier.

Your Personal Content Concierge

Every client receives complimentary access to our Content Concierge Service. Need suggestions on the best content for an onboarding or management development program, or need content mapped to custom competencies? We are here to help! Their expertise is available at your fingertips. When we say we are your online learning partner, we truly mean it!
BizLibrary has a great content library! They provide a wide variety of topics, and within those topics provide you with multiple choices to get the type of training that best suits your needs. The Client Success team is outstanding! They are super attentive to me as a customer and help to ensure that they provide what they can so that our company learned goals are met.
Sarah Truchard
L&D Manager
Fantastic learning provider for organizations. Customizable options, interactive client support and continuously updated content. Company keeps growing and increasing the products that they have available to clients. The Align Conference is a great bonus!
Kaitlyn Grantner
HR Manager

Content Subscriptions

With three subscription options and over 9,500 lessons to choose from, you can curate a library that is suited for the specific needs of your organization.
Up to 50 active titles
Swap up to 10 titles per year
Email, chat, phone support
Dedicated Client Success Manager
Complimentary access to our Content Concierge Service
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Up to 200 active titles
Swap up to 40 titles per year
Email, chat, phone support
Dedicated Client Success Manager
Complimentary access to our Content Concierge Service
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Unlimited active titles
No need to swap!
Email, chat, phone support
Dedicated Client Success Manager
Complimentary access to our Content Concierge Service
Includes reinforcement boosters and the content customization tool
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Browse by Topic

Ensure every employee has on-demand access to training on the core skills your organization needs to remain competitive.

Specialty Libraries

In addition to the BizLibrary Collection, we also offer a variety of specialty content including industry specific libraries, localized content and more!

Ready to experience a modern learning solution with BizLibrary?