Success Stories

BizLibrary clients are in every industry vertical and deliver successful employee learning solutions every day by using our collection of thousands of online training videos and our award-winning Learning Management System.

Mariani partnered with BizLibrary because they needed an engaging solution for their organization that all employees would embrace.
Like any degree-granting institution, Steven’s Institute faced a common challenge of learning retention among their students. Steven's began utilizing BizLibrary's BoosterLearn technology to help overcome this challenge.
Before BizLibrary, Sachse didn’t have a formal training program in place. Their main goal was to find a solution that was quick and easy to implement to all employees.
SpanTech began searching for an online learning partner to add content to their training program.
EPI’s previous training method was composed of internal and external trainers, but despite this offering, EPI began searching for a new modern solution to expand their current training strategy.
With today’s competitive market and the ever-changing state of the financial services industry, First Community State Bank recognized it was time to step up their training initiatives.
In 2016, Schupan began their partnership with BizLibrary. The new online solution allows employees to access thousands of training videos and provide managers the ability to easily track the completion of training.
Iowa Sixth Judicial District transitioned their classroom training and development strategies to an online approach with the BizLibrary Collection and Learning Management System.
By partnering with BizLibrary, Quick Med Claims was able to create an engaging training program to support their employees on their learning and development journey and fulfill their company compliance training needs.
HCSC partnered with BizLibrary to provide their employees with engaging content to provide top notch customer service to their clients.
In business since 1993, PV Fluid Products has a variety of challenges that require strategic use of learning and development.
Over the past few years, VIA has undergone some cultural shifts which included some organizational structure changes.
TRWD believes in enriching communities and improving the quality of life for our customers, employees, their families, and the community at large.
The organization recognized a need for training, and after evaluating several options, decided to partner with BizLibrary, and bringing a formal training program to the organization for the first time.
Influenced by the relationship with her client success manager, Lynn knew BizLibrary’s vast library of microlearning content would be the all-in-one learning experience ALMO needed.
A smooth launch springboarded into an effective employee training program. Jessica tells us that employees love BizLibrary’s microlearning content.
Teel has a variety of legislative safety requirements, and like many manufacturers, keeping production aligned with demand for product has been a challenge.
In recent years, Club Fit has seen new competition and industry changes that made them shift focus to adapt to those changes. This included trying to meet the digital age with a multi-generational staff, ranging in ages from 17 to 88 years old.
In 2011, Comer Holdings began analyzing the different challenges at the various subsidiaries to improve processes and overall business results. As part of their analysis, they identified a few challenges that stood out, specifically with IMA.
QS/1 has had a long-standing commitment to providing cost-free, job-relevant training to employees. However, even with this established learning culture, QS/1 still had challenges when it came to tracking compliance.
With today’s competitive market, Component Repair Technologies recognized the need to constantly adapt to remain a leader in their industry.
Each year, thousands of professionals take advantage of Humentum’s nearly 400 national and international workshops, eLearning offerings, and webinars to build their capacity in the area of USAID compliance.
In 2016, Church of the Resurrection realized they were experiencing one of the best challenges for an organization, rapid growth. The organization had grown to four physical locations with another online community.
Because they’re a small business, PGC lacked the resources to train employees outside of basic compliance training.
Red Roof Inn’s primary goal is to be the top economy hotel in the hospitality industry while delivering the highest level of quality service and value to their guests.
One of the organization’s strategic goals is to maximize performance with creative solutions to increase revenue and operational efficiency. This is one of the main areas of focus for the training and development team, with the full support of senior leaders.
Hood Packaging originally found BizLibrary in 1999 when BizLibrary still operated under the lending library model. Hood was struggling to afford individual safety training videos for employees, as the cost to purchase videos was outside their budget.
In 2015, Garney Construction began to grow and expand to include areas across the country. With this growth, leadership recognized that many things about the company’s culture and processes would have to change.
With the transportation industry operating at the whim of the economy, competition between service providers is extremely high, and a culture where customer satisfaction is highly valued is crucial.
RK Stratman, one of the original 12 Harley-Davidson licensees, produces more than four million shirts annually for the motorcycle giant’s dealers. But in order to effectively compete in the market, they realized they had various business challenges...

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