Do Your Employees
Care About Compliance?

Probably not. But they do care about culture (a LOT), which is deeply connected with how your organization approaches compliance. Here’s how we help you implement annual compliance training that leads to higher completion rates, less turnover, and a culture where everyone looks out for each other.
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Our Key Topic Areas for
Compliance Training Programs

Definitions of harassment, sexual harassment, and bullying
Responding to harassment incidents
Intervention strategies
HR, Hiring, & Recruiting
Workplace discrimination laws
Workplace safety laws
Wage and hour laws
Employee benefit laws
Cybersecurity & Data Privacy
Safe internet usage
Mobile usage
Lost or stolen devices
Data protection
Working with other cultures, ethnicities, beliefs, genders, generations, abilities, and lifestyles
Representation of different demographics
Fire safety
OSHA / OHSA Compliance
Active shooter protocols
+ Additional topics
Romantic relationships in the workplace
Drug and alcohol policy

We’ll help you build a culture
of compliance & inclusivity

For a step-by-step guide, check out our Compliance Program Playbook

How BizLibrary Helps Build a Compassionate
Compliance Experience

State-Compliant Content

We partner with labor and employment lawyers to ensure our content meets state regulatory requirements, and we're continually researching and adding content to our library on the cultural topics your employees care about.
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Everything in One Place

Keep it together with BizLMS. Our easy-to-use learning management system facilitates all your assigning, scheduling, tracking, content delivery, reminders, reporting, and more.
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Accessible Anywhere

Ensure everyone can meet training deadlines, whether they’re in person, in the field, or working from home. BizLMS is accessible on any device with an internet connection and includes Hybrid Classroom Management for delivering live training wherever your people are.
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Results Right Away

Our seasoned Implementation and Client Success Teams will help you build a custom program from our best practice blueprints, so you can successfully launch in less than 90 days and start seeing those results you came to us for.
How We Launch Programs
Our Safety & Risk department is starting to realize the incredible benefit of even just the reporting piece – of being able to pull a report out of BizLibrary and see who's certified, and making sure that on the ground, only certified drivers are, for example, operating a forklift.
Genevieve DePriest
Goodwill of Colorado