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A recent study by SHRM found that 50% of employees felt their work performance would improve if their manager received more leadership training. Developing new leaders isn’t easy, but with BizLibrary, you can help them gain the confidence and skills necessary for their new role.
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Our Key Topic Areas for
New Manager Training Programs

Fundamentals of Management
Discover your management style
New manager pitfalls & opportunities
Creating a fair & equitable workplace
Coaching employees for performance & growth
Maintaining wellness amidst new responsibilities
Delegation, Feedback, and Communication
Understanding what it means to lead a team
Becoming an effective communicator
Do’s and don’ts of delegation
Giving constructive feedback
Conversations, Reviews, and Conflict
Assessing, evaluating, and strategizing employee performance
Facilitation and strategy of difficult conversations
Strategies for addressing conflict in the workplace

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Trusted Content from Management Experts

BizLibrary’s Expert Insights series includes content hand-selected for employees new to management. Kevin Eikenberry’s From Bud to Boss and Scott Mautz’s series on new leadership are perfect for helping new managers acclimate to their role.
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Live Cohort Learning for Max Engagement

Struggling to set a solid baseline or create a framework for your first-time managers on “what a leader is” in your organization? Our expert-led, live coaching academies allow you to upskill your managers on key leadership principles in a cohort environment.
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Customized Learning Paths

Leverage the power of AI to create customized learning paths for new managers so they can excel in their position even without prior experience. BizSkills also allows managers to assess their new reports’ skills and helps provide even further opportunities to grow.
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Results Right Away

Our seasoned Implementation and Client Success Teams will help you build a custom program from our best practice blueprints (including pre-written templates and activities), so you can successfully launch in less than 90 days and start seeing those results you came to us for.
How We Launch Programs
[BizLibrary] has provided our managers with the feeling that we care about them; not only about their professional growth, but their personal growth as well. And the platform caters to both of those, so that’s been a positive for us.
Clare Gilligan
Gilligan Company