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OnPoint Group Improves Employee Retention Through Robust Safety and Leadership Programs

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Use Cases
Safety, Leadership Development
  1. Who Is OnPoint Group
    OnPoint Group partners with leading manufacturers, distributors and retailers to improve safety, uptime and total cost of ownership in their facility and fleet maintenance programs.
  2. Primary Challenge
    Improve employee retention.
  3. Results
    An increase in tenure in their leadership group and their direct reports and $147K in savings by switching to an online delivery method. 

The Most Highly Requested Programs  

As research shows, an organization’s two main training and business challenges are consistent compliance and employee retention. When compliance training and employee retention efforts are met with bare minimum effort, organizations can find themselves in legal trouble or dealing with high amounts of turnover.

Time and time again we hear from our clients that they need help creating programs that:  

  1. Educate their employees on best practices for keeping safe and secure and  
  2. Identify hi-potential employees and lead them through training to become successful managers or leaders in the organization.  

With the use of BizLMS coupled with our extensive content offering, our clients can work with our teams to design programs that accurately address these challenges and lead to high employee engagement. With the proper leadership buy-in, rollout plan, and measurement of success, clients experience fewer safety and compliance incidents, and employees stay due to excellent leadership and growth opportunities.  

An organization that prioritizes these two topics in its organization and has reaped the benefits of doing so is OnPoint Group. The first step in ensuring that learning and development would be prioritized in their organization was to partner with a learning management vendor that would be an all-in-one solution.

After landing on BizLibrary because of the “phenomenal customer service that would be received and extensive content offerings,” OnPoint Group then performed a needs analysis and collected feedback from all levels of the organization to better understand which programs needed to be formalized.

Based on the results, they concluded that employees needed monthly safety training and the opportunity to participate in a leadership development program.

With these programs in place, all employees, top-down and bottom-up, would be better equipped to live their core values every day. Guided by the principle of “Coach and Be Coached,” the Monthly Safety Training and OnPoint Group Leadership Academy were designed.

Employees who participate in the training are encouraged to stay curious a little longer (ask more questions and tell less) and have meaningful conversations with each other (what is one thing you learned, how are you applying it within your team environment, and what has been the result) on the topics at hand.  

While each topic is inherently different and focuses on a different challenge within the organization, they share the same primary focus. When designing these programs, the instructors wanted to ensure that the critical requirements would be met across the board.

The first requirement is that business unit leadership buy-in is gained, and everyone is committed to the participant’s success in the program. This includes an executive leadership team presentation for new business units coming on board to the program for the first time. The second requirement is that when a new class is set up, there is the confidence that each class has the same experience and support.

By prioritizing equal experiences, it helps drive the program’s integrity, maintains consistency, and allows for scalability.

Additionally, they leveraged their relationship with their CSM to pull metrics to better understand what content employees prefer, so that when it came time to map specific content to the unique programs, they would select titles that resonated with their audience.  

It’s All in the Details  

Now, let’s dive into the specifics of each to give a better understanding of these two programs at OnPoint Group. First up let’s outline their Monthly Safety Training.

Their primary organizational focus is and always will be safety-first. In order to tackle all the OSHA-related safety training topics that employees need to achieve compliance, OnPoint Group assigns one topic each month to their 1,600 + employees. Additionally, they split certain safety content between Field Employees and Functional Support Employees in order to assign role-specific content out, so that the learning would be more engaging, increasing their transfer of knowledge and safety awareness.

BizLibrary makes up 33% of their content mix and by capitalizing on assigning training out of BizLMS, their organization can provide the right training, at the right time, to the right audience.  

Shifting gears to the OnPoint Group Leadership Academy, this tiered 14-week virtual training program is tailored for 30 leaders of people in ever-changing environments.

As the organization continues to grow and expand, the need to develop its leaders at every level becomes more critical, so that they can build leadership capacity and capability, strengthen their leadership culture, establish shared language and behaviors, and instill a servant leadership mindset. By designing their program in a tiered style, they can effectively focus on each topic with proper time dedicated to covering it.

The L&D team at OnPoint Group worked with their BizLibrary Client Success Manager to select 46 BizLibrary courses containing approximately six hours of content to deliver their entire leadership program virtually, utilizing a blended learning approach (a mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning events/tasks).

Each week the 30-member class meets to discuss topics and best practices with each other as a whole and in breakout rooms.

The first tier educates on manager basics and introduces managers to fundamental skills required to become an effective manager of people. When learners progress to the second tier, they learn about a variety of topics involved in the project planning process.

Upon graduation, each leader receives a framed certificate of completion, a Letter of Appreciation signed by the leadership team, and a gift (gift card and OnPoint Group Leadership Academy branded vest/jacket).

Sign! Us! Up!  

The Proof Is Always in the Pudding (aka Key Performance Indicators)  

Tracking the success of these programs is of the utmost importance to OnPoint Group, which is why they leverage a multitude of key performance indicators and communications to keep their learners engaged.

For their safety training, they send out weekly completion status reports, so that managers know which of their direct reports have completed the assigned training and which ones still need to complete it. By staying on top of their learners’ assigned training, they can stay fully compliant, and their employees know the ins and outs of their safety practices.

Furthermore, for their leadership academy, they manage an attendance and curriculum completion tracker, send feedback surveys throughout the 14 months, and hold post-graduation debriefings.

With the implementation of their leadership academy, OnPoint Group is able to see an increase in tenure within their leadership group and their direct reports (average tenure is increasing and attrition is decreasing) which has allowed them to attract and retain top talent.

Additionally, these positive benefits have helped them build their bench strength for succession planning.  

Outside of cultural benefits, by partnering with BizLibrary OnPoint Group has seen extensive cost savings. Over the last year, they were able to save $147K by switching to a virtual delivery methodology, compared to the costs associated with a two-day in-person training event.

Lastly, if they were to add considerations for developing/authoring similar content to be used for the two-day in-person training event, they calculated that the ROI would show significantly more value in the BizLibrary partnership and their ability to enhance the capabilities of our people virtually.

Amazing all around, OnPoint Group!  

Creating sustainable and stand-out programs can seem overwhelming at first, which is why BizLibrary is committed to being your partner from initial program planning all the way through results analysis!