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Content Is Our Core

Whether you’re going all-in on skills development or have a very targeted training need, we have the right option for you.
Limited to 50 active titles
Swap up to 10 titles per year
Works seamlessly with BizLMS
Best for: Sole focus on risk mitigation and compliance training
Limited to 200 active titles
Swap up to 40 titles per year
Works seamlessly with BizLMS
Best For: Targeted upskilling for a small group of employees.
Unlimited access to our collection of over 9000+ titles
Works seamlessly with BizSkills and BizLMS
Best For: Providing a wide range of training initiatives and upskilling opportunities
Our unlimited content subscription opens the door to unlimited potential, giving you the variety and flexibility to create your ideal learning and development program. Compliance and group training initiatives? Check. Exploratory learning for personal development? Absolutely. Personalized upskilling for career growth and employee retention? See that dream come true when you pair this subscription with our BizSkills platform!

Build Your Solution

Our products can be licensed individually or bundled together to deliver your ideal training and development solution.
Create standardized training and development programs
  • Easy-to-use Curriculum Builder for quickly creating assignments
  • Customized and automated learning paths based on your organization’s needs
  • Classroom and external training management
  • Learner engagement through quizzes, surveys, gamification, shareable playlists, and more
  • Automated tracking and reporting on key insights for ROI
Can be used with any BizLibrary content subscription
Easily customize and automate personalized upskilling plans
  • Automated mapping between off-the-shelf libraries of job roles, skills, and content
  • Ratings system to assess employees’ current skillsets
  • Development plans tailored to each employee
  • Skill Interests and Role Matches for employees to drive their own growth
  • Dashboard for reporting and insights
Requires BizLibrary Unlimited content subscription
Provide expert-led learning experiences for your leaders and managers
  • 4- and 16-week academies led by leadership experts
  • Topics for every level from new managers to executives
  • Blend of live, virtual sessions and self-study
  • Cohort-based academies to learn alongside peers
  • Buy out a cohort for a more company-specific experience
Can be combined with any BizLibrary content subscription

BizLibrary Specialty Content

Our industry-specific or ebook libraries can be added to any content option.
Achieve full operational readiness, lower risk, and increase safety and proper use with our specialty manufacturing library.
Topics include: Machining, Maintenance, Industry 4.0, And much more!
Stay up to date on the latest federal regulations, mitigate risk, and remain compliant in the highly regulated banking and lending environments.
Topics include: Transaction Compliance, Retail Banking, Lending Compliance, And much more!
Our ebook library covers all the soft skills that employees need to succeed both in and out of the workplace.
Topics include: Leadership, Communication, Personal Development, Software, And much more!

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