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New BizSkills Features: Skill Interests, Role Matches, Admin Dashboard

BizSkills is our new skills development platform designed to simplify the upskilling process and increase organizations’ ROI through developing existing talent. We are continually improving our platform with new features and enhancements to better meet the needs of our clients. The features below have recently been added to the BizSkills platform - see what's new!

Skill Interests:

The Skill Interests feature goes beyond stagnant training assignments and encourages employees to be lifelong learners! Designed to allow employees to pick and choose which skills they want to learn; this feature not only increases the skill level and subsequent value of individual employees but improves the overall engagement in an organization.

Impacts of the Skill Interests feature are beneficial for both the employee and organization in several key ways.

  1. Investing in employees enriches the business by improving workforce productivity, increasing the quality of work, and reducing turnover.
  2. Tracking employees’ developing skills makes promoting from within easier by showcasing each employees’ growth, which directly impacts the Role Matches feature.
  3. Developing skills outside of a job role helps employees build a robust skill profile, and prepares them for future career advancements.

Skill ratings are also included in the Skill Interests feature. The benefit of rating skills takes the guesswork out of employee skill assessments. Starting with an initial assessment of the desired skill, as employees’ skills develop, they are re-rated, making it easy to track employee progress over time.

The Skill Interests feature is easily found via a widget on the learner’s homepage and encourages the exploration and development of the learner’s desired skills.

Role Matches:

Role Matches is one of the key features that sets BizSkills apart from other skills development platforms. Building off the skill levels in learner profiles, Role Matches connects employees to different roles within the organization and displays their qualifications along with skills to improve for each role. Using the Roles Matches feature takes the guesswork out of internal promotions by allowing administrators to easily view employees’ qualifications and compare them against other candidates.

The Role Matches widget makes viewing these matches simple by succinctly displaying all roles with a percentage match on the learner’s profile.

When an individual job role is selected, a profile page opens, displaying a list of required skills for that role and the learners’ current rating of each subsequent skill.

From the Role Matches widget, administrators or learners can assign skills for a job role by simply selecting the ‘Add Skills’ button. This function then adds the necessary skills directly into the learner’s profile along with recommended content for skill development.

Administrator Dashboard:

The BizSkills Administrator Dashboard provides a comprehensive visual representation of their organizations’ skills development. At first glance, the dashboard gives a quick view of the organizations’ skills data through a series of widgets, some of which include more detailed reports for further insights. Some of the administrator dashboard widgets include Ratings by Skills, Most Popular Content, Development Plans, Learners by Job Roles, Average Skill Rating, and more.

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New Courses Added to BizLibrary's Expert Insights Series

When working through the everyday challenges and issues in today's workplaces, employees don't (and shouldn’t) have to figure everything out on their own. That’s why our new Expert Insights series is such an exciting addition to our content library!

This series brings your workforce one-of-a-kind training on some of the toughest business challenges from highly successful professionals who are actively working in their field.

With more than 180 expert-presented lessons, this series stays true to our belief in the power of microlearning, with videos no longer than 12 minutes each. 

Our most recent addition to this series comes from Brandon Smith, author of The Hot Sauce Principle: How to Live and Lead in a World Where Everything Is Urgent All of the Time. In his 12-lessson course, he discusses the challenges and complexities of leading today, including six leadership communication principles, how to balance different types of communication, how to create an environment of psychological safety, components of trust, how to define a team culture, how to effectively give feedback, and how to motivate your team members.  

Preview a lesson from Brandon Smith’s course, Exceptional Leadership Communication:

Also included in the Expert Insights video series:  

  • Workplace Mental Health with Michael Wellington 
  • Leadership Skills for New Managers with Jena Viviano 
  • Thrive While Working Remotely with Mike Gutman 
  • Being a Remarkable Long-Distance Teammate with Kevin Eikenberry 
  • Inclusive Mindset with Justin Jones-Fosu 
  • Your Why Matters Now with Justin Jones-Fosu 
  • Managing Up with Mary Abbajay 
  • Sparking the Customer Experience with Simon T. Bailey 
  • Anti-Harassment for Employees and Supervisors with Catherine Mattice 
  • Powerful, Professional Presentations with Patricia Fripp 
  • Women in Leadership with Meridith Elliott-Powell 

This is an ever-growing series, so new Expert Insights courses will be regularly added to our content library!  

Learn more about everything The BizLibrary Collection has to offer. 


BizLibrary Achieves Record-Breaking First-Quarter 2022

After achieving a 192% year-over-year bookings growth rate in 2021, BizLibrary started 2022 off even stronger. In a time where employee turnover for organizations is at an all-time high, BizLibrary continues to build successful partnerships that last by nurturing organizations’ training programs to success. Find BizLibrary’s top Q1 achievements below.


  • BizLibrary expanded its offerings to 26 new clients, achieving a 204% YoY growth rate year-to-date
  • 50% of new clients signed on with BizSkills – BizLibrary’s skills development platform, showcasing the need for personalized skills development in the workplace

As we dive into the second quarter of the year, BizLibrary is well-positioned to respond to the increasing demand for training resources that not only fulfill workplace safety and compliance requirements, but also build employees’ communication, collaboration, leadership, and overall skills for a more compassionate and competent future.

If your organization is experiencing challenges in employee engagement and retention, speak with a BizLibrary representative today to learn how BizLibrary can support your training needs.


Now Offering OSHA 10/30 Certification Courses

Organizations seeking safety and compliance training can go a step further by getting their workforce OSHA certified through BizLibrary’s partnership with ClickSafety – an online safety training and compliance provider for more than 10,000 organizations across multiple industries worldwide. BizLibrary offers OSHA 10-hour General Industry and OSHA 10/30-hour Construction certification courses in English and Spanish, in addition to California-specified requirements.

Getting your organization’s workforce OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 certified keeps them compliant on the latest safety regulations, as well as reduces and prevents job-related injuries and lawsuits or penalties. Consistently training your workforce can result in higher employee productivity, reduced cost in potential compliance violations, and an all-around safer work environment. Below are the following OSHA courses BizLibrary offers:

The OSHA 10-hour General Industry course is designed for entry-level workers and includes a general overview of common safety and health hazards. This course features content on enforcing safety measures and best practices for maintaining safety in general high-risk work environments.

The OSHA 10-hour Construction course features content on preventing health and safety hazards commonly found on construction sites. Specific topics include major construction site hazards, emergency protocols, hand and power tools, and more.

The OSHA 30-hour Construction course is applicable to supervisors and workers with safety responsibilities and builds on the 10-hour construction content with special attention to mobile equipment and additional hazard prevention and safety.

The CAL OSHA 10-hour Construction course build off the construction safety content and includes an introduction to the specific safety standards required by the state of California.

*This course is not available in Spanish.

A voice authentication format is available for the OSHA 10-hour general industry and 10/30 construction courses to comply with the actively proctored online training requirements of NYC SST Local Law 196. Upon course completion, learners will receive an official Department of Labor (DOL) OSHA card. (Excludes CAL OSHA 10-hour Construction).

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