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BizLibrary Enhances LMS Messaging Functionality

At BizLibrary we are constantly improving our products to deliver the best experiences to our client administrators. Recently we updated our messaging functionality within BizLMS to help administrators remind learners of their content assignments and help learners stay on track with their completions.

Now, administrators can send a one-time message from the Admin Content Profile page, under the status tab, to alert their learners of upcoming due dates, or past due assignments. Admins can easily filter by status like – in-progress, due soon, or overdue – select the learners they would like to send a message to, and quickly type up a message reminding them that they need to complete their training.  

Additionally, we’ve added the ability to include a learner’s supervisor or additional cc on the message. We are confident this enhancement will save time and keep learners on track with their assignments. 


BizLibrary Adds Closed Caption in Spanish to Over 800 English Titles

Making our courses more accessible is a priority for us at BizLibrary. Many organizations employ non-native English speakers, which makes finding a learning and development partner that offers their content with translation options highly important. We aim to be an all-in-one platform and content provider and with this added enhancement to so many of our titles, we continue to iterate on this mission.

By leveraging a GenAI professional program, BizLibrary’s content team was quickly able to get Spanish translations from the original English transcript. Then, to ensure the best quality and accuracy, the team sent the translations to internal native Spanish speakers for review. Once that process was completed, they uploaded the closed captions to the appropriate titles allowing for them to be turned on or off based on the learner’s preference.

Many clients who used other titles previously translated with Spanish closed captions note that having these available helps their employees who are learning English immensely. It’s beneficial for them to be able to read the words in Spanish but hear them in English to understand the words contextually in a sentence and for better retention of what they’ve been learning.

BizLibrary is where learning happens, and we are excited to hear about the new learning opportunities this enhancement to select titles brings learners.


BizLibrary Adds New Expert Insights Series on the Importance of Belonging at Work

BizLibrary has partnered with Dr. Eliza Glick to bring a new Expert Insights series to the BizLibrary Collection. Building a Belonging Culture is a 12-lesson video course made for managers that empowers leaders to build cultures that foster inclusive workplaces through practical recommendations and courses of action.

The course works with managers to define what belonging is in the workplace, why it is more important than ever, and the impact that belonging cultures can have on employee retention.

Dr. Elisa Glick (she/her) is a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) consultant and trainer, researcher, and award-winning educator with over 20 years of experience in higher education. As the Founder and President of Elisa Glick Consulting LLC, she helps leaders and aspiring leaders put inclusion into action and succeed in an increasingly diverse world.


New Expert Insights Series: Disability Inclusion with Liz Johnson

Disability Inclusion with Liz Johnson, the new Expert Insights series by BizLibrary, is a 52-minute course comprising 13 lessons that explore inclusive interactions at work, normalizing differences, and promoting equity in the workplace. Liz Johnson is a gold-medal winning Paralympic swimmer for England. She is also the Managing Director and Co-founder of The Ability People, the UK’s first disability-led employment consultancy.

The course is designed to familiarize learners with the nuances of language surrounding disability and combatting common misconceptions caused by bias and ableism. For example, there is a difference between “having a disability” and “being disabled.” Liz explains that a disability is a permanent trait, however, being disabled is a dynamic state that can change over time or circumstances. An individual may not have a disability, but they could be temporarily disabled, for example, someone who has broken a bone and requires assistance to walk is temporarily disabled. On the other hand, a person may have a disability, but not be disabled in a particular situation or set of circumstances.   

Disability Inclusion with Liz Johnson is available in the BizLibrary Collection now. If you’re interested in what else our content library has to offer, browse our library online now or connect with a Sales Representative to learn more  


BizLibrary Unveils Enhanced Administrative Dashboard to Supercharge Learning Programs

Program administrators have a lot to juggle when it comes to managing their programs. BizLibrary is excited to announce its new administrator dashboard! The new dashboard offers an improved user experience with better navigation, quick-action widgets, and a clean design that aims to help administrators manage training programs more efficiently. Users can now shorten their program development process, easily share important metrics, and streamline reporting metrics all within a dashboard that grants quick access to essential data for assessing program effectiveness and gaining leadership support.

The BizLMS admin dashboard has undergone a major transformation that will change the way managers interact with their learning programs! This update introduces a range of features, including more intuitive navigation, quick-action widgets, and an overall streamlined design aimed to enhance the user experience when developing, implementing, and measuring learning programs. 

Here’s how it’s making a difference: 

  1. Time Optimization: Managing your learning programs just got a whole lot easier! Admins can now swiftly build programs, assign content, and assess vital metrics within the dashboard using the quick keys. This feature provides valuable time-saving resources by minimizing clicks and reducing time spent searching for comparative learner data. 
  2. Streamlined Communication: Presenting metrics and key ROI data to stakeholders just got a lot easier. The dashboard provides a central hub for important learning data making it easy to analyze information at a glance and share metrics with leadership.
  3. Comprehensive Reporting: The reporting process is simplified as content trends and learner activity are tracked in a single, centralized hub—no more deep dives for data or time wasted switching between screens. Instead, admins can view a breakdown of elective vs. prescription learner activity data as well as overall assignment data from the dashboard. 

It’s time to experience a more efficient and effective way of managing training programs with BizLibrary’s new Administrator Dashboard! 

Check out our product video for a brief preview of the dashboard design and capabilities.  


BizLibrary Expert Meredith Whipple Callahan Releases New Expert Insight Series on Self-Development

BizLibrary Productions, in collaboration with Meredith Whipple Callahan, is proud to announce the release of two new Expert Insights series: Driving your Own Development with Meredith Whipple Callahan and New Hire Success with Meredith Whipple Callahan.

Meredith Whipple Callahan is a partner and executive coach at Evolution, a coaching, consulting, and investment firm that partners with start-up and high-growth companies. She is also the author of Indispensable: How to Succeed at Your First Job and Beyond, where she also speaks to learners about taking control of their career path and ensuring their success from an internal locust of control.  Meredith has been featured on CNN, in the Chicago Tribune, and on numerous podcasts and local media outlets.   

Studies show that employees desire workplace development and want to be given the opportunities to enhance their skills and forge their own career paths. The University of Phoenix’s Career Optimism Index of 2023 found that 68% of Americans looking to leave their job in the next six months would stay if their company did more to provide them with career development.  

Meredith Whipple Callahan’s Expert Insights series are great tools for learners at any stage in their employee journey – new hires and long-term employees alike. Her unique expertise in breaking down adult learning theory and teaching employees to apply it to themselves can be a great opportunity for organizations to encourage their learners to take advantage of elective learning. This is especially useful if current bandwidth doesn’t allow for prescriptive programs. 

For more information on how BizLibrary helps organizations develop award-winning learning and development programs, contact a BizLibrary sales representative today 


BizLMS Receives Two Industry Awards for Top Performance in 2023

BizLibrary has netted two new customer-nominated awards for BizLMS performance! Customer reference platform FeaturedCustomers named BizLMS a Top Performer in the Corporate Learning Management Software category. Training Magazine also named BizLMS as a winner in the 2023 Training Magazine Network Choice Awards.

We love our LMS and are proud to empower L&D and HR professionals to forge new learning paths for their teams with the support of BizLibrary. We’re also working every day to add new features that make our products even more effective – like a new admin dashboard (coming soon!) that simplifies and highlights learner results and admin ease of use! 

Both of these awards were client-nominated, which means that BizLMS made our clients’ lives at work so much easier that they felt strongly enough to vote for our recognition. Many thanks to all of our incredible clients who made achieving this award possible! If you’d like to join the ranks of awesome BizLibrary client, contact a sales representative today!   


BizLibrary Named Top Online Learning Library by Training Industry

BizLibrary has been selected by Training Industry as one of the 2023 Top Training Companies for Online Learning Libraries. Training Industry is the leading research and information resource for corporate learning leaders. Each year, Training Industry prepares the Top 20 Report on critical sectors of the corporate training marketplace to better inform professionals about the best and most innovative providers of training services and technologies. BizLibrary is proud to be amongst the Top 20 providers and deliver award-winning content to our clients!

Selection to the 2023 Training Industry Top Online Learning Libraries Companies lists was based on the following criteria:

• Breadth and quality of courses, features and capabilities.

• Industry visibility, innovation and impact in the online learning library market.

• Client and user representation.

• Business performance and growth.

“The companies chosen for this year’s Top Online Learning Library list feature strong, comprehensive solutions and a wide array of quality courses within their libraries,” said Jessica Schue, market research analyst at Training Industry, Inc. “These companies offer impressive tools, assessments and advanced technologies for better and more accurate learning pathways to better the learning experience and keep engagement high.”

BizLibrary is proud to offer a content library with a wide range of topics and an average content lifespan of 4 years. Our content is refreshing, interactive, and applicable in any workplace. We also offer specialty libraries for specific industries, such as banking and credit unions, manufacturing, and more!

If you’d like to check out our content library for yourself, contact a BizLibrary representative today for a free trial!


BizLibrary Releases Marketing Fundamentals Expert Insights Series with Brian Honigman to the BizLibrary Collection

Marketing – something every business needs and not every employee understands. BizLibrary has partnered with marketing consultant and professor Brian Honigman to deliver a new Expert Insights series: Marketing Fundamentals.

Brian Honigman has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, and more. He has worked with Zillow, Sprout Social, People Magazine, NATO (yes – the North Atlantic Treaty Organization!) and other giants that you’re likely to know. His expertise, beginning with the basics, has been wrapped up into a twenty-part course with this newest Expert Insight series. 

Fundamentals of Marketing truly begins with the basics, making it perfect for giving cross-functional teams a marketing baseline or upskilling employees without prior marketing experience. However, it also delves into the more complex aspects of marketing and gives learners the type of knowledge that is often hard-won by experience.   

Expert presenter Honigman also offers an education on the different types of marketing strategy, including content strategy. Honigman walks learners through the different stages of the marketing funnel, how to craft a value proposition, identifying metrics key to success, and more. This is a great refresher for learners with marketing experience and can provide opportunities for learners to catch up on old skills and learn new ones.    

Check out the Fundamentals of Marketing in your LMS today, and if you can’t — catch a preview of a few other Expert Insights courses! 


BizLibrary Partners with Marshall Fields to Deliver Powerful Expert Insights series on Freedom from Racism

Racism in the workplace can show up in many ways. It’s not always about outright discrimination or hateful comments – although those are the most common examples of racism. Marshall Fields has worked in learning and development for fifteen years, but his experience as a “communication broker” between different cultural communities is what truly makes this course stand out among others in DEI education.

Marshall serves on the Racial Justice and Equality Commission in Lexington, Kentucky and hosts the PCHATP podcast about positive communication and thought processes. He is a certified Life Coach, an author, and acted as a community liaison for the award-winning project “I Was Here.”

Expert Insights: Freedom from Racism is a 2-part Expert Insights series. The first part of the series is meant to give learners the necessary context and skills necessary to participate in meaningful discussions about race, equality, and equity. Marshall notes that “learning how to discuss [the past and its impact on the present] will be like learning a new language. This is largely due to the divisive and incomplete history which has created language barriers when discussing the past or echoes of it.” 

Marshall also notes in the very first lesson of the series that the course exists to help individuals with the empathy, education, and courage to communicate that is necessary to dismantle systemic racism as it exists in American society today. He challenges learners to communicate and respect different points of view. This series is chock-full of additional resources for fact-checking, historical education, and more. In a workplace that is truly committed to making a welcoming and safe environment for all their employees, Freedom from Racism with Marshall Fields is a must-watch.  



BizLibrary Partners with GROW Learning

BizLibrary has partnered with content creator GROW Learning to expand their multifamily housing industry education! The BizLibrary Collection received an infusion of just under 175 titles tackling important topics in the multifamily housing industry such as building safety, customer service, resident retention, and more.

GROW Learning content is created in-house by seasoned professionals who each have an average of 25 years’ experience in the industry. Many GROW Learning lessons are offered in English and Spanish and appear with closed captions onscreen. Their topic areas include customer service, electrical education, information about Fair Housing, finances, resident retention, risk management, and much more! GROW Learning mainly utilizes animated settings and characters for their content. They also release content with professional presenters onscreen. 

GROW Learning content can help provide a baseline to employees working in multifamily housing. Since so many real estate employees come from independent and unique backgrounds, they may have variable levels of skills that are necessary to succeed in multifamily housing – great telephone etiquette, interpersonal skills, and emotional intelligence – not to mention the nitty gritty details of housing! The recent expansion to the BizLibrary Collection will continue to help employers address skill gaps and retain their employees through opportunities to develop their career. 


BizLibrary Releases New Lesson on Juneteenth – a Cause for Celebration & an Opportunity for Reflection

Although Juneteenth was declared a federal holiday in 2021, a Gallup study from the same year found that nearly 60% of Americans as a whole reported knowing only a little bit or nothing at all about the celebration.

Juneteenth, also known as “Freedom Day”, “Emancipation Day,” or “Jubilee Day” recognizes June 19th, 1865 – the day that slaves in Texas were finally informed of their freedom. This announcement came over two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation. The Civil War had been over for months before slaves in Texas were finally granted freedom in accordance with the Emancipation Proclamation.  

Juneteenth is a federal holiday now – which gives organizations a unique opportunity to celebrate freedom and reflect on how they can foster diversity and inclusion in their organizations. BizLibrary has a new lesson out on Juneteenth to help educate your workforce on what Juneteenth is and explains the history and symbolism of the Juneteenth flag!  

If you’re looking for more opportunities to support underrepresented groups in your workplace, check out our Inclusive Culture series playlist! 


BizLibrary Collection Gets Expansion with New Producer Partner, Vector

BizLibrary’s newest producer partner, Vector, will add nearly 300 titles directly into the BizLibrary collection on topics such as Canadian safety compliance, CDL compliance, first aid, equipment safety, and more. The best part is – all of this content is an expansion of the current BizLibrary Collection!

Vector’s safety content often uses 3-D models and animation to engage viewers. They also conduct case studies with live actors to reenact situations that actually happened, alongside the perspective of the person it happened to. Vector’s content can also be viewed in multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, and French-Canadian, upon launch. 

With the addition of Vector’s titles on construction, toxic and hazardous chemicals, cold and heat stress, emergency planning, regulatory compliance, and more, clients can benefit from a robust library that contains additional safety and compliance topics as well as other content to help develop an employee’s personal and professional growth.  

Explore the BizLibrary Collection today! 


Learning to Negotiate Effectively with Barb Bruno

Negotiating in the workplace isn’t just for new job offers. Negotiating can also occur for deadlines, project priorities, workplace conditions, and more. The art of negotiating can seem like something of a lost skill – many employees interviewed stated that they don’t negotiate because they don’t know how or out of fear of being negatively perceived. Long-time industry expert Barb Bruno has come to the rescue with a new Expert Insights series titled “Effectively Negotiate – with Barb Bruno.”

Barb Bruno is the CEO of Good as Gold training and has won several awards in the recruiting industry. She’s even been inducted into the National Association of Personnel Services Hall of Fame. She has authored three books, including High Tech, High-Touch Recruiting: How to Attract and Retain the Best Talent by Improving the Candidate Experience. Her Expert Insights series with BizLibrary contains 12 videos that discuss the how, why, and when of negotiation. It also includes techniques for overcoming external and internal obstacles that we face when negotiating – including negative self-talk that leads us to believe we wouldn’t be successful.

Negotiating is often about practice and being prepared. Effectively negotiating can have a lasting impact on your career trajectory and is not a skill that should be neglected out of fear. It can be uncomfortable to begin, but Effectively Negotiating with Barb Bruno can set you up for success! If you’re interested in what else our Expert Insights series has to offer, browse the courses or reach out to a BizLibrary representative today!


Provide your employees with vital access to financial planning education with BizLibrary

Did you know that only 1 in 4 high school students have access to personal finance education? Many young adults are left to figure out their finances the hard way, leaving them in debt or struggling without a way out. While money management may come naturally to some people, the detailed ins and outs of investing and managing money in a way that makes money often requires a skilled and experienced teacher. Someone like Debra Ohstrom, for example.

Debra Ohstrom has been featured on CBS, FOX, Business Insider, Market Watch, and Value Investing News for her accessible approach to financial planning and investing. She is now bringing her expertise to BizLibrary with a new Expert Insights series aptly titled “Financial Planning and Investing with Debra Ohstrom”! This 13-part series walks learners through everything from the basics of budgeting to how to set yourself up for a successful financial future. Debra covers debt, credit scores, insurance, investing, different types of financial accounts, goal-setting, risk management, and much more.

A recent report by Bank of America found that 97% of businesses feel responsible for their employees’ financial well-being. One way that organizations can take a proactive step in ensuring their employees’ wellness overall is by giving them access to quality educational content. Financial Planning and Investing with Debra Ohstrom is a truly comprehensive guide on personal finances that learners without a background in money management can understand.

The same report by Bank of America also found that 8 in 10 employers agree that offering financial wellness support can result in:

  • More satisfied employees
  • More loyal employees
  • More engaged employees
  • Greater employee productivity
  • Stronger employee performance

Health and wellness (including financial wellness!) is an important topic at BizLibrary. We strive to offer content that empowers businesses to give employees the information they need to succeed not only at their jobs, but also in their personal lives. If you’re interested in what other kinds of health and wellness content we have to offer, explore our library or contact a BizLibrary representative today!


Expert Insights: ERG Intelligence & the Science and Secrets of Real Confidence

Employee Resource Groups and the study of Confidence – what do these two topics have in common? Alyssa Dver, that’s what! BizLibrary has partnered with Alyssa Dver of the American Confidence Institute and ERG Alliance to bring two new Expert Insights series to Bizzle clients.

ERG Intelligence walks learners through what an ERG is and how they can be applied to any workplace for the best results. Employee Resource Groups can be created for a variety of different interests and causes, which is what makes them such an effective diversity and inclusion tool. An ERG can be created for just about anything, which encourages employees to find and participate in a group that is truly meaningful to them. ERGs can also create networks of learning and mentorship under the umbrella of providing connection and value to employees. ERG Intelligence comprises eight interactive video lessons and is slightly over 40 minutes long when completed consecutively.  

Alyssa Dver founded the American Confidence Institute after she spent years researching neurology, psychology, and sociology as a result of her oldest son’s medical diagnosis of Dystonia. She discovered that many Americans have the wrong idea about what confidence truly is – and what science can prove about confidence. Alyssa theorizes that confidence isn’t a result of success – it’s actually a requirement of it. In the Science and Secrets of Real Confidence, Alyssa breaks down all of the research she’s performed over the last eight years over eight video lessons. Alyssa also teaches learners that confidence isn’t about faking it or earning it – it’s about practicing it. Anyone can learn to be confident! 

If you’re curious about our other Expert Insights series and what they have to offer, you can browse and preview courses from the series!


BizLibrary Announces New Technology courses with IT Expert Mike Thomas

Every executive and major decision maker wants to be sure that the changes they are making or thinking of implementing are actually the best choice for their business. But how can they know that? In enterprise businesses, it can be difficult to build a network of software tools that integrate with each other, inadvertently creating information silos. Microsoft Power BI gives enterprise businesses a way to look at all of their most important data at a glance, providing decision makers with the data they need to confidently enact change at their organization.

However, in order to make the most out of Power BI – your workforce needs to know how to use it. BizLibrary is happy to announce our newest series of expert-led content: Microsoft Power BI: Bringing Your Reports to Life. This series is led by information technology expert Mike Thomas. Mike has over thirty years of experience in the IT space, particularly with Microsoft tools such as Excel and Power BI. Mike has authored nearly 200 trainings on Excel and Power BI for curious learners who are looking to give their organization a leg up in reporting.  

Microsoft Power BI: Bringing Your Reports to Life is designed with eight of the most hands-on and straightforward lessons that teach newcomers to the platform how to become proficient in Microsoft Power BI. The lessons walk learners through how to load data into Power BI as well as how to design reports, filter information to reveal the most important data, share your reports with decision makers, and how to tailor your reports to answer a specific question.   

BizLibrary has been honored to expand our software and technology library by over 2,000 courses this year thanks to partnerships with producers Packt and Skillsoft. If you’re curious about what other technologies and tools you can empower your employees to learn – explore our content library today! 


Expert Insights: Best Use of Your Valuable Time with Barb Bruno

Everybody wishes that there were more hours in the day. What if you could make more time for the things that were important and leave behind the menial tasks? BizLibrary’s newest Expert Insights series, Best Use of Your Valuable Time with Barb Bruno, teaches learners to do just that.

Now, we all know that making better use of your time at work isn’t as easy as it sounds. Everyone wants to make better use of their time – but actually doing it is the hard part. Best Use of Your Valuable Time takes a unique approach to time management by asking learners to focus on their motivation for better time management. Are they after a promotion? Less stress? More time to spend at home with their families? The course asks learners to identify the barriers in their time management by conducting a time study custom-built to identify triggers and distractions.

Oftentimes, true time management is about building systems of support for yourself and putting yourself in a position to succeed. It means more of building on your strengths and communicating boundaries – managing your to-do list long before it gets out of control.

Best Use of Your Valuable Time is a 12-lesson video course complete with concrete exercises designed to help learners take control of their time. Barb Bruno is a long-time industry professional and expert in the field of talent acquisition and retention. She has been inducted into the National Association of Personnel Services Hall of Fame and been a recipient of their highest honor – the Harold B. Nelson Award. She is currently the CEO of Good as Gold Training.

Get an insider’s view of the rest of our Expert Insights series by browsing and previewing courses!


BizLibrary adds Behavioral Interviewing with Sarah Johnston to Expert Insights series

BizLibrary welcomes Sarah Johnston to their lineup of expert presenters with her new Expert Insights Series: Behavioral Interviewing!

Behavioral Interviewing is a technique designed to help hiring managers evaluate and improve their hiring process to select the best candidates. Oftentimes, there’s more to a candidate than what’s on the page. Behavioral Interviewing teaches hiring managers how to unlock the secrets behind selecting the best candidate for the role.  

Sarah Johnston’s Behavioral Interviewing course consists of ten lessons that tackle a different challenge of interviewing. Some topics of the lessons include formulating the best job description for the role, formulating questions based on the duties of the position, identifying company values and team dynamics, evaluating the candidates post-interview, building rapport with candidates, responding to red flags, and more.  

This course is perfect for managers who have never hired before or experienced managers who are looking for new interviewing techniques to keep up with the evolving workforce. If you’re interested in exploring our Expert Insights series further, browse and preview courses here!


Happiness Expert Interviewed by TIME Magazine Joins BizLibrary’s Expert Insights Series

Stella Grizont, a ‘happiness expert’ interviewed by TIME magazine, has released her first Expert Insights course with BizLibrary! Stella is a positive psychology expert as well as Founder & CEO of consulting organization WOOPAAH. She works with organizations and individuals alike to radically transform their outlooks and find happiness at work. Her Expert Insights series, “The Science of Happiness at Work” introduces key concepts of positive psychology to help learners find their joy and productivity inside and outside of the office.

Stella studied economics at Columbia University’s Barnard College. She was also one of the first 150 people to earn a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, making her a happiness expert! Stella works with corporate organizations all over the country to tackle the issues of employee retention and employee satisfaction. She includes many of her findings and techniques in her Experts Insights series, making it a must-watch for managers, individual contributors, and executive leadership alike.  

There are nine total lessons in The Science of Happiness at Work, reviewing concepts such as positivity, resilience, self-compassion, visualization, goal-setting, and more. Each lesson includes facts from scientific studies paired with quick exercises to reinforce the skills learned.  

Stella and WOOPAAH have worked with some of the largest corporations in the world such as Johnson & Johnson, Google, Comcast, and more! Stella is a gifted public speaker and has shared her approach to finding engagement at work with MSNCB, The Today Show, NPR, Vanity Fair, Fox News, and ABC. She is also a regular contributor to Happify.com, Forbes, and Thomson Reuters.  

Have a sneak peak at Stella Grizont’s The Science of Happiness at Work and our other Expert Insights series by browsing previews here!


BizLibrary announces Partnership with Packt, an IT and development content provider

BizLibrary is glad to announce their new partnership with Packt, an online learning publisher for professional and aspiring developers. Thanks to this new partnership, BizLibrary is bringing over 1,200 new courses to their library on the topics of IT, development, programming, and more.

BizLibrary’s Unlimited Collection has around 10,000 carefully selected titles on topics ranging from HR compliance to workplace safety to leadership and management and more! You can explore our library here. This partnership will allow BizLibrary to close some of the gaps in our content offering and bring a complete solution to our clients.  

Some of the new topics included with the Packt partnership include:  

  • Software Design 
  • Web Development 
  • Web Design 
  • DevOps 
  • Game Design 
  • Adobe After Effects & Adobe Premiere Pro 

And much more! We’ve increased our number of Information Technology titles up to 2,500+ with the help of this new partnership. If you’re curious about what else our library has to offer, reach out to a BizLibrary representative today! 


Announcing BizAcademy: Developing Leaders at Every Level

BizAcademy is the newest live, cohort learning experience from BizLibrary launching in February 2023, offering leaders at every level premium access to BizLibrary’s expert instructors. BizAcademy leverages a blended learning environment, consisting of synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities delivered through live skill discussions, group coaching sessions, as well as on-demand lessons and practice materials.

More fast facts about BizAcademy: 

  • BizAcademy is a cohort-based learning program, allowing organizations to send anywhere from 5 to 20 of their learners through a course at the same time. Open enrollment opportunities are also available for organizations with a smaller number of learners.  
  • BizAcademy will offer two 16-week certificate programs on the topics of New Manager Fundamentals and Leadership Essentials.  
  • The New Manager track is best suited for high-potentials and individuals new to managing others. Specific focuses of the course include transitioning to a new role, managing change, coaching and feedback, in addition to collaboration and teamwork.  
  • The Leadership Essentials track is targeted for all types of leaders looking to take their skills and teams to a new level. This course will concentrate on identifying the mindsets of leadership, learning the different styles of leadership communication, how to lead effectively through change, and how to give effective feedback.  
  • BizAcademy will also offer 4-week focus programs on the topics of Remote Leadership, Women in Leadership, Hybrid Leadership, and Executive Leadership.  
  • BizAcademy will be delivered through BizLMS – BizLibrary’s proprietary LMS – and is open to new and existing clients.  
  • The learner investment time is expected to be around 1 hour per week.  

BizAcademy will give learners the expertise they need to inspire their teams, excel as leaders, and drive cultures of growth and development in their organizations. The live teaching and coaching sessions guarantee a unique and personalized experience for every learner, while the on-demand lessons and practice materials allow each learner to move at their own pace.  

Kevin Eikenberry and Guy Harris will be the first experts to kick off BizAcademy on February 21 with a New Manager Fundamentals certificate program. Leadership Essentials will kick-off on February 22 with leadership skill blocks featuring Meridith Elliott Powell, Scott Mautz, David Dye, and Karin Hurt. Invest in the future of your leaders and contact a BizLibrary representative about BizAcademy today! 



BizLibrary Announces New Enhancements to BizSkills

New enhancements and features have made their way to BizSkills, BizLibrary’s solution to upskilling and reskilling your employees. The Skill Interests and Skills Genie features make it even easier for your employees to be in the driver’s seat of their own development as they race their way to a kinder and more capable workplace.

Skills Genie is the ultimate plan-customizing champion! Administrators can create personalized training plans for custom job roles without manually creating job descriptions or requirements. Administrators can enter a job title, and Skills Genie will search relevant job postings all throughout the U.S. to give administrators the most sought-after skills in the industry Administrators can choose applicable skills from a checklist to add to their custom job role. They choose the ones they want, and voila! They have  customizable skills and job titles without long hours of browsing the library or writing descriptions from scratch. 

The new Skills Interest widget puts learners in command of their own competencies and qualifications by allowing them to add skill interests based on job roles they are interested in. This requires no setup from administrators and is totally learner-driven! Skills Interest assists learners with career pathing and development by giving them the tools they need to expand their own skillset. It can be added right on the learner homepage, making it easy for them to find new skills.  

Additionally, improvements to the existing Skills Library make it easy for administrators to update and customize the personalized training plans for each job title and skill. The content library at BizLibrary is  growing all the time with new lessons and relevant information for today’s workforce. These enhancements make it possible for administrators to personalize skills individually with the new inclusions or update the entire library at once. 



BizLibrary Soon to Launch Virtual Classroom Feature

Centralize your training efforts with Virtual Classroom. The BizLibrary team knows that in a digital world, it can be difficult to keep track of all your online workplace solutions. Virtual Classroom is a new feature of BizLibrary’s LMS and will be formally announced at the end of the month – allowing users to experience their live training natively in the platform without needing to manage multiple tools to leverage online training.

Virtual Classroom has twoway audio and video functionality with gallery and focus view, as well as chat, in app polling and a Q&A feature for maximum learner engagement. Administrators can set the location of a session in multiple locations, such as a physical space and the virtual classroom, which is great for hybrid learning. Classrooms can also have multiple events and sessions so that you can choose to complete training in as many or as few sessions as necessary.  

Virtual Classroom allows administrators to plan and conduct sessions, track registration and attendance, and more. Thanks to Virtual Classroom’s ability to manage hybrid and in-person sessions, your learners always have a seat in the classroom – no matter where it is! In addition, you can easily convert your live sessions into on-demand courses ensuring no one misses out on important training sessions. 

If you’re interested in learning how BizLibrary’s Virtual Classroom can renovate your online and in-person learning, connect with a BizLibrary representative today!  


BizLibrary Expands its Offering with Texas and Washington Culture of Civility Training

Four new video courses are available in the BizLibrary Collection for employees and supervisors.

Clients licensing the BizLibrary Collection can now access Culture of Civility video courses specifically for the states of Washington and Texas.

We are consistently updating our content to help organizations mitigate risk and create cultures where everyone can feel safe and bring their whole selves to work.

Each state has their specific version of the following courses:

Culture of Civility: Creating a Harassment-Free Workplace – This 9-lesson course helps employees understand how to recognize and respond to harassment, how to behave appropriately, and how to prevent harassment from occurring in the first place. Topics include different types of harassment, how bystanders can respond, and making harassment complaints.

Culture of Civility: Creating a Harassment-Free Workplace – Supervisors – Similar to the above course, this 14-lesson course is meant for supervisors to help them navigate workplace situations and keep themselves and their coworkers safe.

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BizLibrary Expands its Offering with Canadian Compliance

Four new video courses are available in the BizLibrary Collection, with additional courses in production.

Clients licensing the BizLibrary Collection can now access video courses on high-demand topics, such as HR compliance and workplace safety, in both Canadian English and Canadian French (coming soon). The video courses are divided into several digestible and informative lessons, preventing employees from taking additional time away from their work and allowing organizations to meet Canadian regulation requirements with ease. View the specific course offerings below.  

OSHA for Ontario – Through this two-part video course, viewers will gain a general understanding of OSHA guidelines in addition to rights and responsibilities.  

AODA – After completing this six-part video course, viewers will gain an understanding of the accessibility standards for customer service, transportation, employment, information and communication, and the design of public spaces.  

WHMIS – This five-part video course will give viewers a general overview of WHMIS 2015, including hazard classification, labels, safety data sheets, and education and training requirements.  

Culture of Civility (Ontario) – This course features engaging, easy to follow lessons designed to educate supervisor and employee learners on the several forms of discrimination in the workplace, as well as anti-harassment best practices, and includes supervisory and organizational responsibilities for upholding an inclusive, safe and respectful culture.  

All four of these courses have been reviewed and approved by lawyers specializing in Canadian employment law and will follow a full-screen animation format presented by native Canadian speakers. Ready to get your organization up to date on the latest workplace regulations? Talk with a BizLibrary representative today!  


New BizSkills Features: Skill Interests, Role Matches, Admin Dashboard

BizSkills is our new skills development platform designed to simplify the upskilling process and increase organizations’ ROI through developing existing talent. We are continually improving our platform with new features and enhancements to better meet the needs of our clients. The features below have recently been added to the BizSkills platform - see what's new!

Skill Interests:

The Skill Interests feature goes beyond stagnant training assignments and encourages employees to be lifelong learners! Designed to allow employees to pick and choose which skills they want to learn; this feature not only increases the skill level and subsequent value of individual employees but improves the overall engagement in an organization.

Impacts of the Skill Interests feature are beneficial for both the employee and organization in several key ways.

  1. Investing in employees enriches the business by improving workforce productivity, increasing the quality of work, and reducing turnover.
  2. Tracking employees’ developing skills makes promoting from within easier by showcasing each employees’ growth, which directly impacts the Role Matches feature.
  3. Developing skills outside of a job role helps employees build a robust skill profile, and prepares them for future career advancements.

Skill ratings are also included in the Skill Interests feature. The benefit of rating skills takes the guesswork out of employee skill assessments. Starting with an initial assessment of the desired skill, as employees’ skills develop, they are re-rated, making it easy to track employee progress over time.

The Skill Interests feature is easily found via a widget on the learner’s homepage and encourages the exploration and development of the learner’s desired skills.

Role Matches:

Role Matches is one of the key features that sets BizSkills apart from other skills development platforms. Building off the skill levels in learner profiles, Role Matches connects employees to different roles within the organization and displays their qualifications along with skills to improve for each role. Using the Roles Matches feature takes the guesswork out of internal promotions by allowing administrators to easily view employees’ qualifications and compare them against other candidates.

The Role Matches widget makes viewing these matches simple by succinctly displaying all roles with a percentage match on the learner’s profile.

When an individual job role is selected, a profile page opens, displaying a list of required skills for that role and the learners’ current rating of each subsequent skill.

From the Role Matches widget, administrators or learners can assign skills for a job role by simply selecting the ‘Add Skills’ button. This function then adds the necessary skills directly into the learner’s profile along with recommended content for skill development.

Administrator Dashboard:

The BizSkills Administrator Dashboard provides a comprehensive visual representation of their organizations’ skills development. At first glance, the dashboard gives a quick view of the organizations’ skills data through a series of widgets, some of which include more detailed reports for further insights. Some of the administrator dashboard widgets include Ratings by Skills, Most Popular Content, Development Plans, Learners by Job Roles, Average Skill Rating, and more.

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Now Offering OSHA 10/30 Certification Courses

Organizations seeking safety and compliance training can go a step further by getting their workforce OSHA certified through BizLibrary’s partnership with ClickSafety – an online safety training and compliance provider for more than 10,000 organizations across multiple industries worldwide. BizLibrary offers OSHA 10-hour General Industry and OSHA 10/30-hour Construction certification courses in English and Spanish, in addition to California-specified requirements.

Getting your organization’s workforce OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 certified keeps them compliant on the latest safety regulations, as well as reduces and prevents job-related injuries and lawsuits or penalties. Consistently training your workforce can result in higher employee productivity, reduced cost in potential compliance violations, and an all-around safer work environment. Below are the following OSHA courses BizLibrary offers:

The OSHA 10-hour General Industry course is designed for entry-level workers and includes a general overview of common safety and health hazards. This course features content on enforcing safety measures and best practices for maintaining safety in general high-risk work environments.

The OSHA 10-hour Construction course features content on preventing health and safety hazards commonly found on construction sites. Specific topics include major construction site hazards, emergency protocols, hand and power tools, and more.

The OSHA 30-hour Construction course is applicable to supervisors and workers with safety responsibilities and builds on the 10-hour construction content with special attention to mobile equipment and additional hazard prevention and safety.

The CAL OSHA 10-hour Construction course build off the construction safety content and includes an introduction to the specific safety standards required by the state of California.

*This course is not available in Spanish.

A voice authentication format is available for the OSHA 10-hour general industry and 10/30 construction courses to comply with the actively proctored online training requirements of NYC SST Local Law 196. Upon course completion, learners will receive an official Department of Labor (DOL) OSHA card. (Excludes CAL OSHA 10-hour Construction).

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