We're on a Mission to Build a More Competent and Compassionate Future

Our Core Values

We value our relationships with employees, customers, and vendors, and expect to maintain lasting partnerships for years to come.
If you want to do something no one has ever done before, you must take a risk.
We encourage an open, approachable, and fun environment, where employees can enjoy coming to work every day.
We strive to learn something new, and improve, every single day.
Diversity of opinion and background is an integral part of our success.
We’re passionate in our pursuit of excellence, by dedicating our energy to improving everything we touch.
We’re fortunate to have the opportunities we have, and it’s our responsibility to pay it forward.

The BizLibrary Leadership Team

Dean Pichee
Founder & CEO
Shannon Kluczny
VP of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances
Andrew Pichee
Chief Operations Officer
Chris Elliott
Chief Revenue Officer
Erin Pinkowski
Chief Product Officer
Paul Eschen
Chief Marketing Officer
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