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Challenges with Competition in Manufacturing

RK Stratman, one of the original 12 Harley-Davidson licensees, produces more than four million shirts annually for the motorcycle giant’s dealers. But in order to effectively compete in the manufacturing market, they realized they had various business challenges that they needed to address.

  • Improve internal processes to expand operations
  • Increase customer base to offer products outside of Harley-Davidson
  • Improve employees’ skills and knowledge

Heather Schneider, RK Stratman’s Training and Communications Coordinator, said, “We knew these changes were essential to bring back our high sales volume and previous performance levels, but we were not ready.”

Many of their employees had zero computer skills, an essential component in having a cutting edge workforce.

The Online Training Solution 

BizLibrary offered a solution that met all of RK Stratman’s organizational needs: A complete learning management platform and a collection of thousands of video courses covering a wide variety of business training topics, accessible at any time, from any device.

“BizLibrary offered more content, a more effective training program, and a better LMS, compared to other companies.”

RK Stratman started utilizing The BizLibrary Collection to have employees take basic courses about safety, communication, and compliance. These were essential to improve internal processes and drive productivity.

For many employees with no computer skills, the training program served as an introduction to computers.

“The LMS and courses were so user-friendly that our employees were able to quickly master how to get online and access them, which gave them confidence and a sense of accomplishment.”

Seeing Results

“BizLibrary allowed us to create development plans that have helped our employees and leaders select the right courses to keep them on track.”

Many employees have taken on new responsibilities and projects as a result of their learning and increased confidence.

Most importantly, RK Stratman has been able to create a company culture that motivates employees to learn and advance their professional careers.

  • Improved company culture
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved manufacturing processes that allowed the pursuit of international markets
  • Developed a gainsharing program as a result of improved productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction levels

“Due to their development, our employees are now prepared to participate with management in process improvements to increase profitability,” said Heather.

Overall, the partnership between RK Stratman and BizLibrary has resulted in profitable growth, high levels of customer satisfaction, successful employee training and development, and organizational process improvement.

“Our employees are meeting their training goals and actively using what they learned. We are experiencing a culture change.”

Client: RK Stratman

Industry: Apparel

Challenges: Skill Gaps, Productivity, Competitive Advantage

About: RK Stratman is a family owned business, one of only three t-shirt licensees for the Harley-Davidson Motor Co.

For more than 45 years, RK Stratman Inc. has been printing t-shirts for motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world.

Today, RK Stratman Inc. employs more than 220 employees at the Wentzville, MO campus that spans 26 acres with 305,000 square feet of operating space.