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Ivie & Associates

Debbie Trzcinski Ivie and Associates

“BizLibrary offers not only a great product but also a great support system. It’s been a learning experience.”

— Debbie Trzcinski, Vice President of Human Resources

The Challenge

Headquartered in Flower Mound, Texas, Ivie & Associates provides a wide array of marketing solutions including production services, sourcing, creative services, procurement, media services, digital and interactive marketing, public relations and communications services, publishing, installation services, and technology services.

Ivie’s goals for launching an employee training program included:

  • Improve customer service levels
  • Develop a competitive advantage
  • Provide professional development opportunities to all employees

“There’s a lot of competition out there, and we feel that providing development opportunities and resources to our employees is critical to remain competitive.”

The Solution

Ivie chose to partner with BizLibrary because of the functionality and accessibility of the Learning Management System, the variety of accredited online training courses offered, and the affordable pricing.

The Ivie Learning Center, powered by BizLibrary’s Learning Management System and The BizLibrary Collection, was created to enable associates to develop their talent, grow professionally and personally.

The flexibility of the Learning Center allowed Ivie to deliver training to its dispersed workforce, while preparing them to handle client needs and provide a high level of customer service.

The human resources department and management team are able to track, measure and report training progress within the LMS. Associates can access the Learning Center anytime, anywhere, and on any device. This is a critical component to meeting their needs, since they have employees located in over 40 offices throughout the U.S. and China.

The Results

Through the Ivie Learning Center, employees have been able to learn new methodologies that are critical to the organization, while developing technical and team-building skills that help them better do their jobs.

The organization calculates training ROI by measuring job performance, increases in productivity, and decreases in turnover rate.

  • Decreased employee turnover rate
  • Increased employee engagement and productivity
  • Improved customer service levels

“Our competitiveness is growing. Our team has become knowledgeable and wants to stay on top of current trends. It’s been a great experience for us.”

Since implementing the Ivie Learning Center, employees are more focused, accountable, happier, and more engaged within their teams.

Ivie & Associates logo

Employee size: 250-999

Industry: Marketing and Advertising

Ivie is a global marketing company existing to provide a higher level of service at a lower cost. We are made up of over 650 professionals throughout the U.S., China and Australia. Our headquarters are located in Flower Mound Texas.

We specialize in marketing and advertising services including media, digital, print, creative, communications and much more!


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