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Recognizing Business Challenges

In 2011, Comer Holdings began analyzing the different challenges at their various subsidiaries to improve processes and overall business results. As part of their analysis, they identified a few challenges that stood out, specifically with Integrated Manufacturing & Assembly (IMA).

The team recognized that IMA’s greatest challenge was developing a comprehensive plan to improve the company’s culture. They knew that to combat employee retention issues, specific focus on employee engagement and culture needed to be a priority. But budgetary constraints and previous initiatives with lukewarm success made it difficult to develop a plan that the organization would embrace.

In addition to turnover and engagement concerns, there was the added challenge of remaining up-to-date with compliance training. With employees operating across multiple locations, requiring differing compliance trainings and certifications, the human resources team decided it was time to explore a better way to manage training to keep the organization compliant.

“We weren’t doing the best job with our compliance training. Things were falling off, we weren’t holding people accountable.”

– Andrea Jones, Learning & Development Director

One Solution for Multiple Challenges

IMA chose BizLibrary to be their learning and training partner because they truly believed it was the best fit for the organization. With IMA’s fast-paced manufacturing environment, they wanted to provide a tool to employees that could be accessed quickly from any location.

The program launched with four initial goals to address each of their identified challenges:

  • Use content to help shift company culture mindsets
  • Create excitement around the system and increase usage
  • Keep the company current and legal with required compliance courses
  • Utilize courses in The BizLibrary Collection as a component of the sustainability strategy for top leadership training

The team designed various training programs to address the needs of employees in multiple departments.

For example, plant managers have the liberty to assign courses specific to their plants based on the unique needs in their facilities. In addition to facility-specific assignments, employees may take any courses that interest them.

This access is widely viewed as a benefit and employees love the ability to take lessons outside of what is required in their assignments.

To generate excitement surrounding the system, IMA has highlighted with the employees the benefits of being able to access content any time. It results in less downtime, self-paced course delivery, and avoids the need to be in a classroom environment for all learning needs.

For the plant managers, the benefits are that they can address some of the developmental needs that are in the personal development plans for their team members without having to engage external trainers and consultants for every topic or competency.

To address compliance concerns, the team created various certification programs to track compliance requirements by job function and location. The BizLibrary learning management system made this very simple for the human resources team. With the platform, administrators can see what employees are taking and hold them accountable.

Everything is assigned through the system, learners receive alerts about the assignment and know not only when it is due, but if they are late. Administrators are then able to quickly run reports to send to learners about process.

As part of the sustainability plan, a training program has been instituted that includes a straightforward process. The Team Leader Certification program was piloted with their Louisville, KY plant in 2017. Team leaders (hourly employees whose jobs include some leadership and quality responsibilities) complete assigned courses monthly for the Team Leader Certification Program. This successful pilot certification includes a combination of custom content and BizLibrary courses. Team leaders meet with their supervisor and the HR Manager to review learning takeaways and how to apply knowledge learned in their day-to-day jobs.

After all courses are completed, the team leader creates a presentation to give to the management team, which includes an action plan with how to apply and sustain these behaviors and lessons moving forward.

Not only has the wide range of technology helped IMA in reaching their initial goals and solve their business challenges, but employees love the ability to take lessons outside of what is required in their assignments.

“What I love about the content in The BizLibrary Collection is there’s something for everything, from how to give a proper handshake to effective meetings, coaching, interviewing skills, and ethics. These are all important things and what my employees appreciate most is the company giving them this opportunity to use it and take classes that they’re interested in.”

– Andrea Jones

Measuring the Impact on the Business

To measure the success of the program, IMA is evaluating specific metrics – employee turnover, the number of grievances at their facilities, and the overall utilization of the content and platform.

The results they are seeing are phenomenal. In 2014 the average number of lesson completions per month was 32. By 2016, that number had grown to over 600 a month.

This data correlates with the levels of employee engagement they are seeing, as well as the reduction in turnover.

Lessons completions are not the only numbers that can be tied to the training program. Additionally, the organization’s employee turnover has decreased more than 15% over the past year alone. This decline reduced recruitment costs by $130,000.

There has been a reduction in harassment incidents after assigning various anti-harassment and other compliance training refreshers over the past year. The number of reported grievances in 2016 was 148. This number has decreased to 132 in 2017, a 12% reduction in just one year alone.

But the numbers still only tell half the story. The human resources team notes there has been a noticeable culture shift from low morale to one of excitement and appreciation for the company’s investment in its employees’ development. Not to mention, the team notes that telling candidates how dedicated IMA is to the learning culture has truly made a difference when getting great people to work for your company.

Client: Integrated Manufacturing & Assembly

Industry: Manufacturing

Top challenges: Employee Retention, Compliance

About: Integrated Manufacturing & Assembly (IMA) is the joint venture between Lear Corporation and Comer Holdings LLC, formed in 2005 with the mission of servicing its community, its employees and its customers by world-class automotive products and assemblies.