Easily manage mandatory training, learning plans, and drive exploratory learning across your organization with BizLibrary’s Learning Management System.

The Best of Both Worlds

BizLibrary is committed to developing our platform solutions with administrators and learners in mind. With this motto driving our product roadmap, it’s no surprise that our Learning Management System comes with all the benefits of our Learning Experience Platform built in! From robust filtering and curation of content to social learning principles and more, you don’t have to sacrifice exploratory learning experiences to gain more structured curriculum.

Leverage all the features of BizLibrary’s Learning Experience Platform, plus enjoy the added benefits that come from mandatory training, and content and curriculum management.

Deliver a Modern Learning Experience

BizLibrary’s Learning Management System is built around the preferences of all users. Our customizable learning solutions put content front and center, increasing engagement with the training, and driving a culture of learning throughout your organization.

Seamless Content Creation and Management

Import your organization’s content to the learning management system seamlessly! With a custom library and the ability to create proprietary lessons, all your learning becomes accessible from one place.

Streamline Classroom Training

Managing classroom meetings, schedules, attendance, instructors, facilities, and resources is no easy task! Streamline classroom training, scheduling and coordination all while keeping it tied to your learner’s overall transcript records with our Classroom feature!

Pave the Way For the Employee Development Journey

Learning Initiatives allow administrators to easily build and manage curriculums whether for new hire onboarding, new manager training, or annual compliance training. Automatically reset upon expiration or even tie to qualifications for seamless record keeping and management from one place.

Keep a Pulse on Your Program Performance with Robust Reporting

Utilize our pre-built reports and dashboards for a quick snapshot or deeper analysis of the most pertinent KPIs to your program. With Learning Insights, administrators can compare internal team performance, and the performance of your organization to other benchmark and peer organizations, to see how you stack up.

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