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Why BizAcademy?

Give learners the expertise they need to inspire their teams, excel as a leader, and drive a culture of growth and development in your organization.
Expert Instructors
Gain access to instructors with years of practical leadership experience they’re ready to share with your team through keynote-level content, coaching, and real-time feedback.
Group Coaching Sessions
Through BizAcademy’s blended learning format, participants will get to engage directly with experts and their peers to practice what they’re learning and receive constructive feedback.
Cohort-Based Learning
With small groups working through programs together, your learners have the opportunity to network with their peers and learn from others’ experiences and takeaways.
On-Demand Lessons
Alongside the live sessions, on-demand lessons and practice materials allow learners to improve and reinforce their new skills at their own pace.
Live Skill Discussions
In addition to expert-led presentations, BizAcademy gives learners the chance to ask questions and discuss their own experience, for more personalized and impactful skill development.
No Course Development Required
We know that developing and facilitating a curriculum for leadership training is time and labor intensive, which often means it doesn’t get done. With BizAcademy, it’s all done for you.

Expert-Led Instruction on
Essential Leadership Skills

16-week Certificate Programs

New Manager Fundamentals
Targeted for high-potentials and individuals new to managing
Leadership Essentials
Targeted for all types of leaders looking to take their skills and teams to a new level

Instructors with Real World Leadership Experience

BizAcademy’s expert instructors include executive coaches, TEDx speakers, authors, business strategists, CEOs, and they’re ready to work directly with your leaders and managers!

Get a taste of the caliber of our experts by watching select lessons from our Expert Insights series, which features several of our BizAcademy instructors.
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What kind of difference would it make for your leaders and managers if they could get keynote-level content within a flexible and personalized blended learning environment, all with just an hour per week time investment?

Let’s see the difference together.

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