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Tiffany Green FedBid

“We have been able to provide easy access, relevant and useful training tools for professional development”

— Tiffany A. Green, Learning & Development

The Challenge

FedBid is a fully managed online marketplace that helps federal, state and local governments, businesses and educational institutions buy the quality goods and services they need, saving money and time, while also reducing risk.

FedBid is focused on creating development opportunities and promotions for their employees. Since many of their employees start in entry-level positions, FedBid is constantly adapting to new generational needs and processes.

  • Provide employee development opportunities
  • Close skill gaps

“Our employees are eager for training and development opportunities, and our leadership team is committed to meeting that demand.”

The Solution

FedBid worked with BizLibrary to build a customized curriculum of online training courses from The BizLibrary Collection for each department.

“We have made sure that courses include real-life scenarios and applications to our employees’ day-to-day work needs and experiences.”

Each list focused on the skills employees needed to be successful in their jobs at FedBid and strengthen their career opportunities. Some courses were required, while others were strongly recommended.

The Results

Since the implementation of the BizLibrary program, the FedBid learning program has helped improve the communication process across departments, more effectively engage their employees and build core career skills.

  • Improved communication between departments
  • Improved technical and soft skills
  • Improved employee engagement

Overall, the program has changed FedBid into a more effective and confident organization.

FedBid logo

Employee size: 250-999
Industry: Professional, Tech Services

FedBid, Inc. is an online fully-managed marketplace that is transforming the way government agencies, educational institutions and commercial businesses buy the goods and services they need, while saving time and money.

Creating greater access to contracting opportunities for sellers – particularly small businesses – FedBid increases competition and provides buyers with a quality-focused ecommerce purchasing solution.


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