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ALIGN 2020 training and development conference recap
3 min

ALIGN 2020: Learn, Share, Connect, and Recap!

While every year of ALIGN is packed with breakout sessions, keynotes, and networking, this was the...
Culture of learning among employees
5 min

Creating a Learning Culture for a More Adaptable Organization

A culture that prizes learning adapts to changes quickly - here's how to build a strong...
Employee watching microlearning video at work
6 min

What Makes Microlearning Effective in Employee Training Programs?

Learn why microlearning has become a popular tool for employee learning, and how it can help...
HR showing executive statistics to get leadership buy-in
7 min

10 Tips to Get Leadership Buy-In for Your Employee Training Program

One of the keys to a successful training program, and possibly the most important, is having...
5 min

Today’s Best Methods for Employee Training Effectiveness and Results

By understanding learning science, employee development gets easier. Here are several highly effective training methods for...
Leaders discussing competitive advantage strategies
6 min

How to Gain a Sustainable Competitive Advantage Through Training

Learn how to strategically leverage your employee training program to create a competitive advantage for the...
4 min

Training Employees Remotely: Tips for Moving Your Program Online

These tips will help you quickly and easily transition to online training if many or all...
Millennial leader training peers
4 min

How to Tackle Millennial Leadership Development

Many organizations are struggling to implement a millennial leadership development plan. Here are our tips on how...
9 min

A Complete Guide to the Kirkpatrick Model of Training Evaluation

By understanding the Kirkpatrick Model, you can improve the way you plan for, implement, and measure...
Employee improving her learning retention online
6 min

How Learning Retention Rates Make or Break Employee Training

Are your employees retaining what they learn? Make the most out of your employee training investment...