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Instructional designer sits are desk and looks at computer.
5 min
How Instructional Designers Can Leverage Off-the-Shelf Training Content
When instructional designers embrace off-the-shelf training content, they can focus their valuable time and skills where...
kirkpatrick model training evaluation
9 min
The Kirkpatrick Model – A Closer Look at the Training Program Evaluation Model
Dive into the Kirkpatrick training evaluation model and how to deploy it to enhance your training...
4 min
4 Tips on How to Market Training and Development as a Benefit
Read four tips on how HR professionals can market training and development as a benefit to...
6 min
Trends in Training 2024: What They Mean & How to Use Them in Your L&D Program
New year, new e-learning trends. To get a pulse on the latest trends in learning and...
5 min
A look forward: What’s to come for BizLibrary Products in 2024 
The only constant is change, and the world of work is no exception. In 2023, we...
6 min
Navigating Intersectionality and Psychological Safety in the Workplace: Insights and Actionable Steps
Diversity and inclusion are crucial topics in today’s workplace, particularly concerning the experiences of women and...
5 min
Unlocking Success: 3 Ways BizLibrary’s Direct-to-Learner Marketing Program Benefits Organizations
Unlock program success and increase learner engagement with direct-to-learner marketing executed by BizLibrary!
Sales training coaching
15 min
Creating Sales Training Programs that Drive Business Goals
Sales training is a perpetually changing and growing landscape, one in which thought leaders are constantly...
formalized training classroom setting
5 min
Formal vs. Informal Learning: Which Employee Training Strategy Is Better?
How do you know if your training strategy is the best option for your organization? Learn...
HR showing executive statistics to get leadership buy-in
8 min
10 Tips to Get Leadership Buy-In for Your Employee Training Program
One of the keys to a successful training program, and possibly the most important, is having...
Developing goals and metrics for training program
9 min
10 Steps to Develop Goals and Metrics for your Training Program
Steering an employee training program can be a lot of work. Developing goals and metrics will...
training professional advancing in career and skills
6 min
Training for Trainers: 10 Skills to Advance Your Program and Your Career
These 10 skills will help you see growth in your training program and further your career...