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4 min
Computer Literacy & Future-proofing Your Workforce
Did you know that nearly 1/3 of the American workforce does not possess basic computer literacy...
Man sits at a computer ready to design a strong L&D program.
9 min
An In-Depth Guide to Achieving a High-Performing L&D Program
There will always be job shifts, so implementing the right high-performing L&D approach is vital to...
woman enjoying cup of coffee showing good well-being
9 min
Improving Employee Well-Being: How Your L&D Program Can Help
Workplace well-being can be affected by many factors. So, what measures can employers take to make...
Man using computer for self-directed learning
5 min
Why Self-Directed Learning Is a Catalyst for Improving Employee Training Results
Giving employees ongoing opportunities to direct their own learning and development is the best way to...
Interview to hire sales representative
4 min
4 Best Practices for Hiring Sales Representatives
Here are four steps you can take to improve your recruiting practices, lower turnover, and make...
Four diverse employees sit around a table discussion their work.
2 min
Introducing Multi-Language Closed Captioning for BizLibrary Productions
BizLibrary is thrilled to announce that all video lessons from BizLibrary Productions now include machine-generated closed...
employee displaying computer skills
6 min
Unlocking the Power of SCORM Standards in eLearning
In the ever-changing world of eLearning, making sure your content is compatible, interoperable, and reusable is...
3 min
Building Inclusive Cultures with BizLibrary
In honor of Pride Month and Juneteenth, BizLibrary has compiled a list of resources to help...
employees taking workplace violence prevention training
5 min
CA SB 553: Everything You Need to Know
This comprehensive overview of California Senate Bill 553 will help your organization stay compliant and create...
manager talking through change with employee
4 min
5 Steps for Overcoming Resistance to Change in the Workplace
When employees are resistant to change, a manager's approach to the conversation matters - here's how...
Leaders discussing competitive advantage strategies
6 min
How to Gain a Sustainable Competitive Advantage Through Training
Learn how to strategically leverage your employee training program to create a competitive advantage for the...
woman being thought new manager skills
7 min
The Executive Dilemma: Career Growth Strategies for High-Level Leadership
Developing leadership is a key strategy for creating high-impact changes within any organization. Use this blog...