2019 BizLibrary Award Winners
3 min
ALIGN Awards: Tips for Completing the Application
Your incredible efforts in creating an effective employee development program deserve recognition! This article gives you...
ALIGN 2019 training conference
2 min
BizLibrary Concludes 12th Annual Client Conference, ALIGN
BizLibrary's 12th annual ALIGN employee training conference featured keynotes and breakout sessions, our Excellence in Training Awards,...
3 min
Why Attend ALIGN 2019? Hear From Last Year’s Participants!
Are you wondering why you should attend ALIGN, our annual client conference? Here are a few...
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Convince Your Boss to Let You Attend ALIGN 2019!
ALIGN 2019 is a great opportunity for training professionals to learn strategies to transform their organizations....
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ALIGN 2018 Employee Training Awards Recap
This year's ALIGN had opportunities to share best practices, network with other training professionals, and find...
ALIGN 2018 President's Address
3 min
BizLibrary Concludes 11th Annual Employee Training Conference, ALIGN 2018
BizLibrary's 11th annual ALIGN Employee Training Conference featured keynotes and breakout sessions, valuable networking opportunities, and vision...
convince your boss to let you attend align!!
3 min
Convince Your Boss to Let You Attend ALIGN
We have bosses too! We know it can be hard to secure your seat at ALIGN,...
ALIGN 2017 Grand Ballroom
2 min
BizLibrary Concludes 10th Annual Employee Training Conference, ALIGN 2017
BizLibrary’s 10th annual ALIGN Employee Training Conference recently concluded after three days of keynote presentations, breakout...
Convince Your Boss To Attend ALIGN 2017
3 min
Convince Your Boss to Attend ALIGN 2017
ALIGN 2017 is the place to be this September! It’s a can’t-miss event for L&D professionals....
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ALIGN 2016: What We Learned About Learning
ALIGN 2016 has concluded, and not only was it the biggest client conference BizLibrary has ever...