The ALIGN Conference is one of the fastest ways to gain new strategies and perspectives that will transform your training program!

Training professionals are often so completely dedicated to upskilling their employees, that they don’t take enough time for their own personal development.

ALIGN is a unique opportunity for program managers to network with other professionals who experience and solve similar challenges, discover new training strategies and trends in the L&D industry, and learn ways to maximize BizLibrary’s solutions for higher ROI.

While the benefits of attending ALIGN are clear, it can still be challenging to gain leadership buy-in for the conference.

We’ve collected some thoughts and ideas from a few of our experienced Client Success Managers about convincing your boss to send you to ALIGN 2019!

Alyse Braun

Make sure you go prepared with what you’re hoping to get out of it and be excited!

This conference is amazing to attend because each client gets an opportunity to network with other organizations who are utilizing the exact same resources. This is helpful in gaining more ideas and ways to increase the ROI by addressing business challenges with these resources.

I recommend picking out specific breakout sessions that align with current challenges and business goals, and go prepared with what you’re hoping to get out of these sessions and why.

Also, based on recent data, clients who attend ALIGN have a 44% higher client score than those who don’t get to attend, so being able to join will statistically improve your training program and build a higher return on investment!

Ryenn Gaebler

Alyse got a lot right, but I also like to stress that this is a small conference – there aren’t thousands of people and opinions flying around like at SHRM or ATD. This means you get personalized attention, and plenty of time to ask questions and find people who struggle with the same challenges you do.

You get time with other professionals working in the same industry as you – and an opportunity to hear about their strategies, and share some of yours.

Finally, this conference isn’t about selling you anything. It’s about sharing ideas, improving your training program, and providing transparency into the future of BizLibrary, our technology, and our content library.

How many vendors invite you to hear from their strategic leadership team about the future of your product? And of course, the SHRM and HRCI credits don’t hurt!

Chris Kennedy

I think Alyse and Ryenn hit on the major points, but I want to emphasize that it’s important to have a plan when presenting to your boss. Understand your challenges and how these challenges impact your organization.

Then, explain to your boss how attending ALIGN 2019 will help you overcome these challenges!

Make sure you review the agenda and work with your Client Success Manager to identify and find sessions that will align (pun intended) with your current training goals!

So there you have it! Leverage your relationship with your Client Success Manager to build a great business case, and convince your boss that you should attend ALIGN! We look forward to seeing you there. And don’t forget, once you get that leadership buy-in, you can register here!