As our client-partners know, each year we host ALIGN, our annual client and prospective client conference, which is designed to empower our clients to improve their training programs by learning from each other.  Attendees walk away from the conference with new knowledge, best practices, and strategies to improve their programs, maximizing their return on investment.

Not convinced yet? Here are a few takeaways from our clients after last year’s conference here in St. Louis!

Susan Daniel, Exeter Finance

Susan is an ALIGN veteran, having attended both 2017’s and 2018’s conference. Backed by her leadership, Susan leads an impactful program at Exeter, and we wanted to know how ALIGN has strengthened her program.

Here’s what she told us: ALIGN 2019 will be the third time I’ve attended BizLibrary’s annual client conference. I discovered quickly that this professionally organized and highly engaging event exceeds my expectations each time.

I have found the keynote speakers, breakout sessions, technology workshops and networking opportunities to be truly beneficial on multiple levels. Another highlight of the conference is also hearing about the expansion of BizLibrary’s products and services. My first experience at ALIGN was as a client which proved very beneficial in learning how other organizations leverage BizLibrary resources.

My second ALIGN conference I attended as a presenter and found the experience to be an even more valuable way to meet and interact with other conference attendees. I would truly rate ALIGN a 5-star experience and highly recommend it to others.

Catch Susan’s ALIGN 2019 Breakout Session

Build a Coaching Culture: Following the Exeter Approach

Presented by Susan Daniel

Join us for an interactive session on how you can introduce coaching principles at your company using the Exeter approach. At Exeter Finance, all leaders receive training on how to effectively coach their team members. Managers are introduced to Exeter’s coaching model and encouraged to develop their coaching skills. The overall emphasis on coaching and feedback is embedded into Exeter’s onboarding program for leaders and reinforced regularly as part of a manager’s everyday responsibilities.


Sarah Truchard, PV Fluid Products

Sarah leads a great program at PV Fluids that has delivered serious results! After attending last year’s conference, she told us: “ALIGN provides the opportunity to network with fellow BizLibrary users and gain insight on how other customers are leveraging the content to work in their organizations. Attending ALIGN will leave you excited to return to work with endless possibilities on how to improve your training initiatives.”

DON’T MISS Sarah’s ALIGN 2019 Breakout Session

Finding Balance between Compliance and Soft Skills

Sarah Truchard

Have you ever had a learning program that was failing miserably at maintaining compliance? Or perhaps it was so compliance heavy that no one realized there was more to offer? If either of those questions resonates with you, find out how PV Fluid Products completely turned their compliance program around from an abysmal 30% completion rate on annually required OSHA topics to a 99% completion rate. On top of that, see how they moved beyond compliance and have begun connecting soft skill courses to competencies, creating skill paths for employees.

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