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Compliance with a Dispersed Workforce

QS/1 has had a long-standing commitment to providing cost-free, job-relevant training to employees. However, even with this established learning culture, QS/1 still had challenges when it came to tracking compliance.

In the healthcare industry, it is mandatory to conduct annual Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance training. For auditing purposes, QS/1 needed access to content that was updated with the changing laws, a simple system to track completion, and intuitive reporting to produce results.

But in addition to ensuring they were staying up-to-date with regulations, QS/1 needed to ensure all employees received the same training, no matter their location.

“The biggest challenge we face with having a dispersed workforce is having everyone meet the deadlines.”

– Brandon Gibson, Human Resources Generalist

When QS/1 assigns mandatory compliance training, each training needs to be completed within a short period of time. For instance, HIPAA compliance training must be completed within 48 hours of onboarding a new hire and annually for all employees. Without an online platform, this would not be feasible for the 150 remote workers.

The Solution for Training Across Locations

QS/1 partnered with BizLibrary in 2011 to begin delivering and tracking their compliance training. The ability to easily produce automated reports on content saved the company both time and money.

“We had the ability at that point to really pull multiple metrics and reporting to provide to our auditors and say we’re 100% compliant within 48 hours of new hire stepping on board and then annually.”

– Brandon Gibson

BizLibrary’s technology has had significant impact on remote employees. In their primary location, QS/1 has roughly 450 employees, while another 150 employees work remotely. The BizLibrary solution allows these remote employees to have the same access to training as the in-house employees.

In October 2016, QS/1 decided to broaden their training efforts beyond compliance training and maximize the 6,000+ videos in which they had access. In an effort to create a new training roadmap, QS/1 identified courses for skills such as Microsoft programs, ethics, and soft skills like personal time management and finances. Adding these videos and making them available to employees, utilization increased to 6.7% overnight.

Managers and supervisors were sent the new 2017 roadmap and asked to acquire employee input and provide training topics and goals to human resources. Gibson said:

“This prompted an immediate buy-in from employees who felt they actually had ownership of their training.”

Requests came in for training in areas such as communication, accountability, and supervisory skills to overcome challenges tied to leadership, client retention, and productivity.

Since making more content available and gaining this feedback, QS/1 has seen much more training engagement. Employees are given ownership over their own training roadmap to achieve and maintain their required training credits. This allows each employee to really consider what their individual skill gaps are and how they can then develop those skills to improve.

Proven Results

One of the ways that BizLibrary’s content has solved QS/1’s challenges is in their onboarding process. Historically, new employees did their training whenever time allowed. Through online training, that process has changed. Now, new hires complete standard training within the first 24 hours of being hired. This includes compliance training such as HIPAA, PCI compliance, and privacy essentials. By significantly decreasing the time it takes to onboard, this new process has helped employees get up to speed on policies much faster.

Even more, QS/1’s ability to push past compliance and create a truly blended training program has led to significant results.

Utilization and costs have been measured through multiple metrics such as courses completed per month and cost of each lesson launched over both a rolling 90-day and 12-month period.

Over the past year, QS/1 reduced their 90-day course value to less than $1! The cost per course dropped to $1.17 per course over the past 12 months and only $.80 per course in the last 90 days.

In 2016, QS/1 completed a total of 4,785 videos. This number increased to 17,735 in the first six months of 2017 alone, a 271% increase.

But most notable, average participation rates have shifted from less than 10% in 2016 to more than 80% in 2017. This increase in participation has allowed for employees to work on their specific needs, improve their skills, and help drive overall business results.

Client: QS/1

Industry: technical services

Top challenges: dispersed workforce, compliance

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