38 Resources to Help New Managers Be Successful

New manager transition

Whether you’re tasked to guide new managers through the transition into a new role, or you’re a first time manager yourself, there’s a lot of pressure on how well you do. The success of a business leans on the success of individual managers, since their actions and leadership style have a strong influence on the company’s most valuable asset – its employees.

There’s a whole new set of skills needed when entering a management role, and there’s a lot of advice out there about what it takes to be successful. Since time is a highly precious resource, we’ve compiled infographics, ebooks, webinars, and articles where you and your new managers can find tips, strategies, and advice. Use these to your advantage to create a smooth and exciting transition!


Infographic: From Manager to Coach

From Manager to Coach: Development Tips

New Managers Aren’t Getting the Training They Need to Succeed

17 of the Biggest Differences Between Managers and Leaders

10 Great Tips To Get First-Time Managers Rolling

The State of the Modern Manager

How to Develop Super Star Sales Managers

8 Ways Managers Can Motivate Change

The Manager’s Guide to Letting Go

Why Managers Shouldn’t Overwhelm Staff With One Large Goal

Emotional Intelligence

Leadership Tips for First Time Managers


Sink or Swim: Supporting the Transition to New Manager

Help New Managers Succeed with Good Leadership Habits

Taking the Lead: Five Things Every Supervisor Needs to Know

Frightfully Unprepared: Training New Managers for Success

Develop Good Leadership Habits Early Instead of Trying to Fix Them Later

Leadership Skills Development for First-Time Managers

How Google Makes Managers Awesome

5 Ways to Unlock the Hidden Value in Your Emerging Leaders

Emotional Intelligence: How Good Leaders Become Great

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New Manager Training eBook

How to Create a New Manager Training Program

A Great Start Makes All the Difference: Essential Skills for the New Manager

Developing Your Leaders’ Emotional Intelligence

Skills for New Managers

Millennials Who Manage: How to Overcome Workplace Perceptions and Become a Great Leader (Chapter One)

Developing The Coaching Skills of Your Managers and Leaders


Improving self-awareness abstract concept

Improving Self-Awareness: 3 Ways to Learn What You Don’t Know

5 Steps to Create an Onboarding Program for Managers

Why Training Means a Lot to Millennials

8 Qualities of Bad Leadership and How to Avoid Them

Burnout in the Knowledge Economy: Does Your Company Put Enough Value in Rest?

Is Your Company Setting Managers Up for Success?

Millennial Managers: A Guide For Successful Management

10 Books Every First-Time Manager Should Read

How to Onboard New Hires Like A Boss

7 Coaching Tips for Managers and Leader

How to Train New Managers

9 Tips for Dealing with Disagreement and Conflict


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