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BizLibrary’s extensive on-demand leadership and management training library offers your people engaging content in all topic areas related to becoming better leaders, along with personalized learning paths to boost their development.

Why Choose BizLibrary for Developing Leaders & Managers

Whether you’re just starting a leadership training program or are looking to improve an existing one, your organization deserves more than a content vendor. We are dedicated to being the holistic partner you need, to get the results you’re looking for out of your training program and leadership development plans.
Content for Every Need
From effective communication to emotional intelligence, BizLibrary is here to help you support your leaders with targeted skills training content. Our continuously curated library and long list of expert producers means you’ll always have the right courses for your managers’ specific skills and needs.
Non-stop Program Support
Our goal is to help you build a leadership and management development program that employees will rave about. The BizLibrary Client Success team will continually guide you through using our online learning resources to create a program that will make your employees wildly successful.
Industry-leading Implementation
We don’t succeed unless you do. Have your leadership and management training program up and running in 90 days or less with the help of our dedicated, five-star implementation team.

Our Most Popular Leadership and Management Training Topics

Our extensive library of leadership and management development courses offers your teams the knowledge of subject matter experts in key areas like team building, conflict management, driving engagement and more, all in one place.

Need more than leadership and management courses? You're in the right place!

Browse more of our library to see the variety of training topics you'll get when you partner with us for your employee learning and development needs.

About Our Products

Content Overview
Give your employees access to our full library of 10,000+ lessons and courses across a wide variety of topics with BizLibrary Unlimited
Or get a content pack of 50 or 200 lessons for targeted training needs
Use our content off-the-shelf, or customize it to fit your needs with simple built-in tools
Seamlessly deliver content with BizLMS, or any system that accepts SCORM, AICC, or xAPI content
Get implementation, technical support, and ongoing strategic support included at no extra cost
Solutions Overview
Make training management a breeze with content delivery, reporting, and much more all consolidated in BizLMS
Create personalized upskilling plans for individual employees with our AI-enabled BizSkills platform
Give your leaders and managers a live, cohort-based development experience with BizAcademy
License BizLMS and/or BizSkills along with our off-the-shelf content for seamless delivery
Get implementation, technical support, and ongoing strategic support included at no extra cost

How to Create a Successful Leadership and Management Training Program

Identify & Develop High-Potential Employees
One of the first steps to take in launching your leadership development program is to identify which employees within your organization have the most potential to be great leaders. Remember that top performers and high-potential employees (HIPOs) are not the same thing – a HIPO will be much more likely to thrive as a leader from the start. To learn more about how to find your next leaders, check out this ebook!
Build Your Leaders’ and Managers’ Soft Skills
Being a great leader requires learning and mastering soft skills like effective communication, conflict resolution, giving feedback and many others – what’s more, when leaders display strong soft skills, their teams will follow suit and you’ll see better performance all-around. Learn how to provide leadership soft skills training in an effective and impactful way in this article.
Create Spaces for Mentorship
Set-up dedicated times for your new leaders to meet with more tenured managers and discuss what great leadership looks like. Give both new and existing leaders resources like training modules to watch, or exercises like creating quarterly goals and presenting them to their teams to encourage productive mentorship sessions. Learn more about how to build an A+ mentorship program in this blog!
Provide Online Learning Courses
Incorporating online, on-demand training content into your learning and development program doesn’t have to be a big lift for you and your team. Our content can easily integrate into your existing LMS. Or if you’re in the market for one, we’ll help you quickly implement and customize our AI-powered platform to create a robust training program that will accomplish your leadership goals. Browse our extensive leadership and management content library here!

Leadership Development FAQs

What is leadership and management training?
Leadership and management training is specifically meant to equip new and existing leaders with skills like effective communication, conflict resolution, empathy and more. The goal is to enable them to find their leadership style, connect with their team, and drive results.
Why is leadership and management training Important?
Leadership and management specific training is crucial to your organization given that it will make for more well-rounded leaders. Well-rounded leaders positively affect organizational growth/performance, employee retention, satisfaction, and other key business metrics.
How do I get started with leadership and management training?
First identify any employees you’ll want to take part – they could be current or potential executives, middle managers, new managers, or high potentials who aren’t in a leadership role yet. Second, carry out a skills assessment with these people. Third, use the assessment results to determine key objectives for your program. Lastly, build out your develop plans based on where your leaders and managers are at and where you want them to be. (If this is all a daunting idea, our BizSkills platform can help!)
Why should I use online learning for leadership and management training?
Online learning resources give you the option to upskill and reskill your leaders whenever and wherever they are. No matter if your workforce is fully remote, hybrid, or in an office full time, employees benefit from being able to learn concepts with on-demand training courses and practice their leadership skills based on their individual schedules (especially those busy executives!).
How can I see the ROI of leadership and management training?
The ROI of leadership and management training is something that can be seen in different ways. Positive trends in areas like employee retention, engagement, and productivity levels are all telling signs that your leadership training program is having positive effects on business goals.
Why should I use BizLibrary for developing my organization’s leaders and managers?
If you’ve read this far you should have a good idea of how we can help already. But why go with us? We may not be the biggest name in leadership training out there, but what we may lack in recognition we certainly make up for in expertise. Our content library is chock full of insights from leadership experts, our Client Success team has time and again helped organizations develop thriving programs to train their leaders and managers, and our newest product offering, BizAcademy, was developed specifically to bring you the best leadership development experience on the market today. And when you’re ready to expand your training programs to include more employees, we make it simple to scale and successfully deliver the right training to the right people at the right time.

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