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Researching learning technology online
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Modern Technology and Training Systems: Is an LMS or LXP Better for Your Organization?

It is vital to know the benefits and differences between an LMS and an LXP when...
Employee watching microlearning video at work
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What Makes Microlearning Effective in Employee Training Programs?

Learn why microlearning has become a popular tool for employee learning, and how it can help...
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Today’s Best Methods for Employee Training Effectiveness and Results

By understanding learning science, employee development gets easier. Here are several highly effective training methods for...
Employee improving her learning retention online
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How Learning Retention Rates Make or Break Employee Training

Are your employees retaining what they learn? Make the most out of your employee training investment...
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3 Key Elements in Learning Ecosystems and Why L&D Professionals Should Care

In this article, Thomas Harrell dissects the key concepts behind learning ecosystems and what he hopes...
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Outdated Training Is Working Against Your Goals – Here’s Why

If your training program is stuck and not providing the experience or results you're hoping for,...
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LXP or LMS: Which is Right for Your Organization?

An LMS and LXP both have benefits, so it can be hard to decide which platform...
Man using computer for self-directed learning
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Why Self-Directed Learning Is a Catalyst for Improving Employee Training Results

Giving employees ongoing opportunities to direct their own learning and development is the best way to...
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Video Training: Creating Your Own Vs. Buying Off the Shelf

Should your organization be creating its own video training, buying it off-the-shelf, or a mix of...
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Why Microlearning Meets Training Needs for Professional Services

Professional services encompass several job titles, and most require constant training to meet legal and professional...