Category: Employee Development

Sales rep listening skills
5 min

How to Improve Sales with Cross-Selling and Upselling

If your company offers multiple products and/or services, then an important part of meeting those sales...
Increasing Customer Satisfaction
3 min

Increase Customer Satisfaction with a Team That Goes the Extra Mile

Customer satisfaction is key to running a thriving business - customers need to know that they're...
Mentoring colleague at work
4 min

Mentoring Can Be Difficult – Here’s How to Make It Work

If you were mentored before, consider what you liked about the relationship. What worked? What didn't?...
3 min

5 Reasons To Incorporate Formalized Coaching Into Your Training Program

When asked, over 80% of polled employees report that when implemented in their training program, formalized...
great customer service
3 min

Great Customer Service Skills That Every Employee Needs

Customer service can be a difficult skill to master, but at its core, it’s really pretty...
workplace mentoring relationship
4 min

Start a Workplace Mentoring Program for Multi-Faceted Benefits All Around

Your employees have a lot of skills and experiences to teach one another. The benefits that...
Why Training Matters blog post
4 min

Why Training Matters in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

How are you preparing your organization and your employees for tomorrow’s needs? As machines have displaced...
Customer Service feedback video lesson cover
2 min

Customer Service: Why You Need Input and Feedback

Understanding your customers is a crucial component to creating and delivering a successful product or service....