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BizLibrary’s on-demand, microlearning video training library offers you a vast collection of expert-led content to ensure your people stay well trained and ready to provide your customers with wow-worthy customer care.

Why Choose BizLibrary to Train Your Customer Service Reps

We know that customer satisfaction is one of your most important business objectives - it’s ours too. Our goal is to partner with you to customize your customer service training program so that it fits the needs of your people, clients, and organization at large.
Content for Every Need
Engaging and up-to-date online content on topics like building rapport, properly handling confrontation, phone etiquette, and other key areas of customer care gives your employees the flexibility to learn and practice complex soft skills anywhere, at any time with subject matter experts.
Non-stop Program Support
If you think you’ll be bringing on just another training content provider into your L&D strategy by choosing us, think twice. We’re committed to being more than a vendor by helping you build a customer service training program that will make your reps and customers never want to leave. Our client success team will work with you to make sure your program is exactly what your business needs.
Industry-leading Implementation
Our dedicated implementation and client success teams are here to make sure your customer service training program gets off the ground fast and gets you those crucial quick wins within the first three months.

Our Most Popular Customer Service Training Topics

Created with the help of subject matter experts, our extensive content library covers all areas of customer service training, including foundational topics like the basics of customer service, emotional intelligence, effective communication, phone etiquette, conflict resolution and much more.

Need more than customer service courses? You're in the right place!

Browse more of our library to see the variety of training topics you'll get when you partner with us for your employee learning and development needs.

About Our Products

Content Overview
Give your employees access to our full library of 10,000+ lessons and courses across a wide variety of topics with BizLibrary Unlimited
Or get a content pack of 50 or 200 lessons for targeted training needs
Use our content off-the-shelf, or customize it to fit your needs with simple built-in tools
Seamlessly deliver content with BizLMS, or any system that accepts SCORM, AICC, or xAPI content
Get implementation, technical support, and ongoing strategic support included at no extra cost
Solutions Overview
Make training management a breeze with content delivery, reporting, and much more all consolidated in BizLMS
Create personalized upskilling plans for individual employees with our AI-enabled BizSkills platform
Give your leaders and managers a live, cohort-based development experience with BizAcademy
License BizLMS and/or BizSkills along with our off-the-shelf content for seamless delivery
Get implementation, technical support, and ongoing strategic support included at no extra cost

How to Create a Successful Leadership and Management Training Program

Define Your Customers’ Top Needs & Program Objectives
First, assess what kind of experience your customers are looking for when reaching out to your organization. Think about how your industry, customer base, geographic location, and type of product influence your customers’ preferred form of communication. This information will help determine what areas of service to focus on. Second, gauge your customers’ perception of your brand/organization by sending out opinion surveys to your current customer base. This will help you shape your program to provide customer service that addresses important needs and upholds your brand in a positive way. Check out this article to learn more about how to make this a priority in your organization!
Incorporate Soft Skills Training into Your Program
Weaving soft skills training into your employees’ customer service training is going to be key to making sure they’re able to effectively listen, connect with, and address your customers’ questions and concerns properly. Soft Skills like effective communication, complex problem solving, and conflict resolution are essential to a representative’s ability to take a customer from so-so to completely satisfied with the support they received from your organization. Find everything you need to know about soft skills training for your employees in this comprehensive guide!
Create a Culture of Continuous Learning Around Your Program
When it comes to customer service training programs, L&D teams should provide learning resources that enable employees to engage in continuous learning. Both technical and soft skills like the ones mentioned above are not concepts that reps will be able to master with one training session or presentation. On the contrary, your reps will need to work on continuously improving their skillset through different training methods like role playing, group workshops, online learning and lots of repetition. Providing training resources that enable them to sharpen the skills they need to work on the most at any time will make them significantly more successful. To learn more about how to create an agile learning culture, check out this article!
Provide Online Learning Resources
Online learning is an excellent way to make sure your employees can learn complex customer service skills in a more accessible way. On-demand short-form video training modules lower the barrier of accessibility for your reps by letting them access training content wherever and whenever it’s most convenient for them. With quizzes and reinforcement boosters built into the delivery of your training courses, you can improve the amount of information that employees retain and transfer to real-life scenarios. Browse our customer service training content here!

FAQs on Customer Service Training

What is a customer service training program?
A customer service training program is designed to equip your customer service reps with the skills they need to provide grade A service to your existing and potential customers. A well-rounded customer service training program should cover technical skills as well as crucial soft skills like communication, conflict resolution, and emotional intelligence to ensure your people are ready to serve your client base.
How can I measure the effectiveness of my training program?
One of the best ways to measure the impact of your customer service training is by looking at team and individual metrics and finding trends in your data – this can include things like average response time, ticket resolution percentage and customer churn rates. You can also measure how much your reps are retaining from their training sessions by implementing pre and post training assessments to help draw out any learning/skill gaps you may need to focus on.
What topics should be covered in my customer service training program?
To create a well-rounded training program for your customer service reps, you’ll want to include training on technical skills and product knowledge as well as soft skills to help your reps communicate effectively with customers. The technical skills portion should cover things like software platforms, data entry, and product/industry knowledge. The soft skills covered should include complex problem solving, conflict resolution, EQ, and effective communication.
How does customer service training increase customer satisfaction?
When customer service reps are well trained in how to listen, communicate, and problem solve they will feel confident in their ability to provide your customers with the answers and resources they’re looking for, even if they don’t know the answer to their questions right away. In turn, this makes your customers feel valued and humanizes their interactions with your reps which implants confidence in your brand and organization.
Why should I use online learning to train my reps?
Online learning offers L&D teams and employees the flexibility to take on their training wherever and whenever it’s most convenient for them. This not only makes it easier for all types of workers to access training resources (remote, hybrid, in-office), it also promotes continuous learning and upskilling given that your reps have on-demand content to help bolster the skills they want to work on, available at the click of a button.
Why should I use BizLibrary to develop my customer service reps?
We approach providing online employee learning and development resources as a crucial partnership that organizations need to see their employees thrive and keep their customers happy and loyal. Our content library is carefully curated with expert-led customer service content, and our client success team is hyper-focused on helping organizations create comprehensive training programs to improve customer satisfaction. We pair our AI-powered upskilling and reskilling platform, BizSkills, with our industry leading content and custom learning paths based on each employee’s role and skills competency, and provide advanced reporting on learner progress and trends to get you to your L&D goals.

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