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BizLibrary’s anti-harassment training content puts engaging and up-to-date resources at the fingertips of your learners and administrators, so you can minimize risk and uplift your organizational culture.

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Making sure the quality of your training content is up to par with your training program and its goals is crucial for success. We are committed to being more than just a content vendor and work with you from day one to help in developing the ultimate custom training program for your organization.
Vetted Content
Our harassment prevention training content meets state requirements for the states of CA, CT, DE, IL, ME, NY, TX, and WA and is updated every two years with the help of law firm Ogletree Deakins to ensure it’s relevant, compliant, and engaging.
Non-stop Program Support
The BizLibrary Client Success team is ready to guide you through the planning and implementation of our tools to make sure your program meets your organizations and employees’ training needs.
Industry-leading Implementation
Our experienced implementation team works with each one of our clients to ensure their program is up and running properly and generating those early wins within the first 90 days.

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Content Overview
Give your employees access to our full library of 10,000+ lessons and courses across a wide variety of topics with BizLibrary Unlimited
Or get a content pack of 50 or 200 lessons for targeted training needs
Use our content off-the-shelf, or customize it to fit your needs with simple built-in tools
Seamlessly deliver content with BizLMS, or any system that accepts SCORM, AICC, or xAPI content
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Make training management a breeze with content delivery, reporting, and much more all consolidated in BizLMS
Create personalized upskilling plans for individual employees with our AI-enabled BizSkills platform
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Get implementation, technical support, and ongoing strategic support included at no extra cost

How to Build an Effective Harassment Prevention Training Program

Assess Your Current L&D Infrastructure
Before you launch into choosing the right modalities and content for your harassment prevention training, it’s critical that you assess how robust your overall L&D strategy is and how this will fit into your broader training program. Start by meeting with management and leadership teams and identifying how much time employees are spending on mandatory and optional learning. Create focus groups within your organization to determine which topics would be most relevant to your people and organizational needs. Dive deeper into anti-harassment and de-risking your business in this webinar!
Set Learning Objectives, Expectations, & KPI’s
Setting learning objectives and expectations for your training program will make it much easier to measure its success post implementation. Learning objectives can be factors like hitting a certain satisfaction or of post-training learner assessments score. Setting expectations can look like determining the timeline and completion rate you are setting out to achieve. Finally, creating KPI’s you can reference such as course completion rates, time to proficiency, training attendance and stakeholder satisfaction will help ensure you can assess and adjust your program. Check out our infographic all about training KPI’s to learn more!
Create Safe Spaces for Reporting and Feedback
A key part of any well-rounded harassment prevention training program is the safe spaces it provides for employees to report the incidents they have been a part of or observed. Make sure you provide employees with multiple levels and forms of reporting spaces – yes, their manager is not enough. The most important thing here is that your people have as many unbiased resources to report incidents as possible. Another big part of implementing this will be to build a strong feedback loop where your employees can make suggestions and voice what parts of the program need to improve anonymously. Learn more about best practices to collect training feedback here!
Provide Online Learning Resources
Online learning resources are an excellent way to administer training like harassment prevention and education. Online training allows your employees to engage with complex subjects like sexual harassment, bullying, bystander intervention and more through micro-learning formatted video modules that deliver the information in a digestible and easy to retain format. On the administrator’s side, online learning platforms allow HR and L&D teams to keep track of learner trends and KPI’s in real time and adjust their training programs according to data-driven insights. Get an in-depth view into how to choose the right online learning tool for your organization here!

FAQs About Harassment Prevention Training

What is anti-harassment training?
Anti-Harassment training focuses on teaching employees about what constitutes harassment in the workplace and aims to equip them with tactics and tools they can use to avoid engaging or becoming victims of this behavior. This type of training can also teach your employees how to properly intervene if they are ever witnesses of workplace harassment and the proper channels to report incidents at your organization.
What topics should be covered in my anti-harassment training program?
Anti-harassment can cover a broad range of topics and concepts. Some of the main topics all training programs should cover are:

1. Sexual Harassment
2. Workplace Bullying
3. Cyber Bullying
4. Physical Harassment
5. Retaliation
6. Bystander Training
7. Hostile Work Environment Prevention
8. Protected Groups

Sexual harassment and/or other types of anti-harassment training may be mandatory, highly encouraged, or have no legislation around it at all, depending on where you live.
What objectives should I set out to accomplish with my program?
A great way to think about your program’s objectives is to ask yourself – how will accomplishing these goals impact my organizational culture? If the answer is positive, you are on the right track. On a narrower scope, you should be aiming to provide your employees with theoretical and practical knowledge that will help them minimize inappropriate behavior and harassment in the workplace.
How often should anti-harassment training happen?
Anti-harassment training is often seen as something that only takes place once per year, or according to state regulations. However, it’s much more useful for you to gather data on the amount of incidents and accidents in your organization tied to harassment over a certain period of time (at least one year) and tailor the frequency and content of your training program to make sure it addresses the areas that need the most improvement.
Should I use online learning for harassment prevention training?
Online learning is a great tool for anti-harassment training due to its flexibility. Employees can access a vast library of on-demand content from any device, wherever it’s most convenient for them. Online learning platforms also allow employees to learn complex concepts like bystander intervention, bullying in the workplace and sexual harassment prevention in a micro learning format that keeps them engaged and increases their ability to retain and apply what they learn at work.
Why should I use BizLibrary for my anti-harassment program?
So, you are ready to revamp or get started with your anti-harassment training program and you’re still wondering why you should choose us to turn your vision into a reality. More than providing our customers with a cutting-edge AI-powered LMS or top-quality training content, we pride ourselves in being the best training program partner in the business. How? we provide continuous program support through our client success and implementation teams, along with program customization and endless resources on creating the best L&D program for you organization and it business goals.

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