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BizLibrary’s on-demand video training content allows your employees to stay up to date in all areas of job safety and regulations through personalized learning for a more customized and relevant experience.

Why Choose BizLibrary to Train Your Employees in Workplace Safety

We know making sure your employees are staying risk-aware and educated on how to minimize workplace hazards is crucial to your organization’s success. We create our content with the help of safety experts to be the most engaging, relevant, and interactive workplace safety content out there.
Content that Does the Job
When it comes to learning about compliance requirements and regulations, long and outdated training content is not going to cut it for the modern learner. Our microlearning format is designed to keep learners' attention while our built-in progression quizzes and knowledge assessments make sure your people understand and retain critical safety concepts.
Non-stop Program Support
Our aim is to help your organization build the best workplace safety training program for your employees and goals. Our client success team works with clients around the clock to make sure they can use our cutting-edge training technology to make a program that will build a culture around safety and drive productivity.
Industry-leading Implementation
We know that early wins are important to everyone from leadership to front line employees. Have your program running and producing results in 90 days or less with the help of our dedicated implementation team.

Our Most Popular Workplace Safety Training Topics

Our carefully curated library of workplace safety training courses covers essential topics like OSHA, PPE, fire protection, and more in a way that makes it easy for employees to stay engaged and retain what they're learning.

Need more than workplace safety training courses? You're in the right place!

Browse more of our library to see the variety of training topics you'll get when you partner with us for your employee learning and development needs.

About Our Products

Content Overview
Give your employees access to our full library of 10,000+ lessons and courses across a wide variety of topics with BizLibrary Unlimited
Or get a content pack of 50 or 200 lessons for targeted training needs
Use our content off-the-shelf, or customize it to fit your needs with simple built-in tools
Seamlessly deliver content with BizLMS, or any system that accepts SCORM, AICC, or xAPI content
Get implementation, technical support, and ongoing strategic support included at no extra cost
Solutions Overview
Make training management a breeze with content delivery, reporting, and much more all consolidated in BizLMS
Create personalized upskilling plans for individual employees with our AI-enabled BizSkills platform
Give your leaders and managers a live, cohort-based development experience with BizAcademy
License BizLMS and/or BizSkills along with our off-the-shelf content for seamless delivery
Get implementation, technical support, and ongoing strategic support included at no extra cost

How to Build a Successful Workplace Safety Program

Assess Your Safety Program
Before implementing any part of your new program, or changes to an existing one, it’s critical that you assess where your organization stands when it comes to procedures and employee opinion about safety in the workplace. Conduct an audit of your current safety standards and pair it with open and anonymous surveys to gather data on how your people feel about the current state of the training and protocols around safety. Check out our compliance checklist to get started with your assessment!
Create a Culture of Workplace Safety
To gain buy-in from employees and leadership you need to incorporate workplace safety into your culture. Make sure your training program highlights how important and valuable it is to have open discussions about safety at work between employees, management, and leadership. Let your people know that they work in a safety-first environment and that they play a critical role in upholding and improving safety standards daily. To learn more about how to build a culture of safety check out this article!
Provide Written and Visual SOP’s
A major part of corporate safety training is making sure your employees retain and keep safety procedures top of mind. One great way to do this is to bolster your theory and scenario-based training with visual aids and written standard operating procedures (SOP’s) that they can easily access at any time of the day. You can post these resources around the office and/or use mobile devices to store and distribute the information to all employees for easy access. Learn more about shaping your compliance culture in this ebook!
Provide Online Learning Resources
Online on-demand training resources offer your teams the flexibility to access a vast library of workplace safety training topics whenever and wherever they need. Using an LMS like BizLibrary’s or incorporating expert-led content into your existing infrastructure makes it easy to provide your people with engaging and up-to-date content they want to learn from and gives administrators the option to customize learning paths, see real-time reporting, and gain critical insight into learner trends. Check out our workplace safety course library here!

Workplace Safety Training FAQs

What is workplace safety training?
Workplace safety training is designed to equip your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to do their jobs in a way that keeps them, their co-workers, and the organization’s assets safe. Workplace safety training also aims to train employees on how to deal with crisis situations –identifying the hazard, properly dealing with it, and correctly reporting it after the fact.
What topics should be covered in my customer service training program?
Your workplace safety training program can vary based on your industry and state regulations. Here are a few safety training topics every organization needs to include in their program:
1. Workplace Ergonomics
2. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Regulations
3. First Aid
4. Emergency Preparedness
5. Online Safety and Cyber Security
How can I measure the effectiveness of my safety training program?
To assess whether your employees are retaining and applying the safety measures and knowledge they’re attaining, conduct safety audits in which you look at things like at how employees follow protocols, the state of the equipment they use and consistency with safety measures. You can also look at KPI’s like the number of working days lost to injury, incident rates, and cost of workers compensation/ injury payouts.
How often should I provide workplace safety training?
The cadence of your workplace safety training can vary depending on the type of training your industry requires and what you’re trying to accomplish with your program. For example, OSHA training can usually be administered once a year, while topics like cyber security, occupational hazards and psychological safety need to be ongoing in nature.
Why should I use online learning to train my employees?
Online training offers L&D and HR teams a more efficient way to administer mandatory and ongoing training content with ease. An online learning platform like an LMS allows employees to access on demand content anywhere and on any device. Online learning also makes it easy for employees to engage in continuous learning, upskilling, and reskilling – all of which is beneficial to safety standards.
Why should I use BizLibrary for my corporate safety program?
Still wondering why you should go with us as your safety training partner? Our content library is stocked with a vast variety of courses led by safety experts. Our client success team has a proven track record and the experience to help you build a thriving safety training program for your employees. Our LMS offers you a one-stop-shop to manage all your training and upskilling initiatives with features like custom curriculum builder, hybrid classroom management, and a brand-new administrator dashboard. Ultimately, our goal is to take the guesswork out of safety training and help you build the ideal program for your organization.

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