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Our content library is stocked with expert-led and produced lessons that offer your employees on-demand, microlearning training video modules on topics ranging from the basic psychology of change at work to change leadership and how to lead teams through change seamlessly.
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We know that great content is not enough to reach your learning goals. That’s why our client success team is ready to partner up with you from day one to make sure your program is tailored to your organizational goals and your employees’ specific learning needs.
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Our microlearning courses are designed to deliver valuable information through bite-size and engaging video modules. By producing these lessons with the help of subject matter experts, we ensure your people get the most relevant and up to date information out there. Here are some of our most popular topics on leadership skills like change management:

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How to Build a Successful Change Management Training Program

Define your framework and training needs
When it comes to making changes within your organization, use a framework to plan out how you will introduce, implement, and assess the changes being made. Using change management frameworks like Lewin’s change management model, McKinsey 7-S framework, or Kotter’s 8 steps for leading change, will help you smooth out the transition and minimize growing pains. Based on your process, identify what your employees will need to be trained on to be prepared for the changes to come. Read more about using your training program to create a more adaptable organization.
Incorporate change leadership training
Leading change is no easy task. Your leaders and managers need to be equipped with the right tools to lead their teams successfully during these times, and their usual leading techniques are not going to be enough. Incorporate specific change leadership topics like managing change resistance, effective communication strategies, and building resilience to enable your leaders to effectively guide your employees. Check out our webinar to delve deeper into change leadership program essentials.
Define your timeline, milestones, and KPI’s
Knowing how long you expect your workplace change initiative to take should be clearly defined at the planning stage of your training plan and clearly communicated to employees. Along with this timeline, have clear milestones based on KPI’s you’re pushing to reach (ex: reach 20% platform adoption rate by month 3) and share the progress being made with everyone. Some additional KPI’s that you should use are adoption rate of processes/platforms, time to proficiency, change rejection rates and business impact/ROI. Check out this article to learn more about effective ways to evaluate training programs and prove ROI.
Assess and Pivot Your Program
Continuously assessing the progress and impact of your change management training program is key to its success. Analyze the data collected from your timeline and KPI analysis to draw out trends like which parts of the program are being adopted faster than others and how employees feel the training your L&D team is administering is helping them navigate such changes. Even more importantly, you should utilize the assessment data to adjust the content and cadences of your program to address any gaps that may diminish its impact in real time. Read more about maximizing your training programs’ effectiveness in this article.

FAQs About Change Management Training

What is change management training?
Change management training aims to prepare your employees to better cope with the ongoing changes that come up at work. Some examples of common organizational changes this type of training prepares employees for are:

1. Mergers/acquisitions
2. Organizational restructuring
3. Technology advancements
4. Unplanned changes

Organizations can move forward and through these change initiatives if employees are given the right tools to adapt to new processes and procedures.
What topics should be covered in my change management training program?
Some of the most important topics to cover are:

1. Effective Communication – Crucial in making sure the why and how of the changes can be properly conveyed to everyone in the organization.
2. Resistance Management – This will help management and individual contributors alike to reframe negative perceptions around change to a more opportunity-driven outlook.
3. Change Psychology – Understanding why changes trigger negative emotions like frustration and fear in all of us from a psychological point of view will help your people navigate these emotions more easily.
4. Resilience Training – Providing your people with practical tools to build up their resilience and believe in themselves will make change management initiatives more successful for your teams.
Why is change management training for leaders important?
It’s crucial that leaders throughout your organization receive proper training and tools on how to lead their teams during times of change. Leaders need to understand how to effectively uncover rules and procedures employees are unhappy with, come up with original ways to bring change to those areas, and finally how to implement their ideas and assess the success those change initiatives are having within their teams.
How do I measure the effectiveness of my change management training program?
Part of your organizational change management training plan should include defining the specific metrics and KPI’s your organization and/or department will use to measure success. Some useful KPI’s to use can be new system adoption rates, proficiency improvements, and customer satisfaction score increases. You can round out the assessment of your change initiatives by implementing focus groups and employee surveys which will give you a more qualitative perspective.
Should I use online learning to build my change management training program?
Yes. Online learning platforms give you the flexibility to upskill and reskill your employees no matter where they are located and where they are in their professional journey. A platform like an LMS allows you to deliver on-demand microcontent to your people on any device while also enabling you to customize individual learning tracks to meet each employees’ learnings needs from a centralized administrator dashboard. An online learning solution can free-up your time through automation and provide critical insight into your learning initiatives with real-time reporting.
Why should I use BizLibrary for change management training?
Our biggest focus is to make sure your needs are met. We’re constantly updating our content library with up-to-date change management, change leadership and other critical content to make sure your employees can continuously develop and be ready for change. We partner with each one of our clients to build custom training programs that address training gaps and engage employees. We’re excited to put our AI-powered platforms at our clients’ fingertips and work together to take the guesswork out of building learning programs that resonate with your people and push your organizational goals forward.

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