Author: Krista Heumann

Training & Development Industry Researcher | Krista researches, analyzes, and writes about the impacts of employee learning on organizations and individuals. She looks at the industry shifts and trends that matter to L&D and HR professionals, and helps them understand how to create better training programs that grow their employees and their business.
Young coworkers using influencing skills in a meeting
4 min

Influencing Others Without Authority: Empower Your Employees to Make Things Happen

Everyone can benefit from knowing how to influence others in a variety of situations, and having...
Training managers on leadership skills
6 min

Proven Tactics for Developing Your Managers’ Leadership Skills

Use these training tactics to help managers develop leadership skills, form better connections, and gain trust...
Employee improving her learning retention online
6 min

How Learning Retention Rates Make or Break Employee Training

Are your employees retaining what they learn? Make the most out of your employee training investment...
overworked employee with burnout
8 min

Preventing Employee Burnout: Does Your Company Value Rest?

If employee burnout is an issue in your organization, you can address it by first looking...
employee taking cybersecurity awareness training
5 min

Why Cybersecurity Awareness Is Important for Every Employee

Educating employees on their individual responsibility with cybersecurity can go a long way toward reducing your...
building relationships at work with coworkers
4 min

Building Relationships at Work: How to Trust and Be Trusted

If you're looking to build connections and camaraderie at work, here's how you can build a...
Coworkers collaborating in agile organization
4 min

How to Achieve Organizational Agility by Developing a Learning Culture

You can build agility into your organization's culture by embracing modern training methods that promote learning...
managers making hiring decision
5 min

Make Better Hiring Decisions with a Focused Employee Selection Process

In order to make strong hiring decisions, you need a solid selection process in place first....
7 min

The Best Customer Loyalty and Retention Strategy for the New Decade

There are several ways to work on keeping your client base engaged and seeing value in...
formalized training classroom setting
5 min

Formal vs. Informal Learning: Which Employee Training Strategy Is Better?

How do you know if your training strategy is the best option for your organization? Learn...