Acquiring a learning management system is like buying a new car. You have your list of desired features, and you know that this new car will not only take you where you need to go but driving it will feel really good. Settling for a subpar training platform is like purchasing a car without the wheels. Sure, it might look good or even have those heated seats and moonroof you really wanted. But, without the wheels, you’re not going anywhere.

Your learning programs operate in a similar way. Your current system may check some of the boxes, but does it offer the full package? And most importantly does it have the wheels to take your programs where they need to go?

Much like a fine-tuned vehicle, BizLMS is designed to go the distance all while providing the comfort and convenience you need to execute expert training experiences for your learners.

Here are a few ways BizLMS can put your learning programs on the road toward success.

Sleek, Luxury Design

The first thing you’ll notice about BizLMS is its seamless design encouraging intuitive usage for every user. The learning management system homepage and URL are customizable, and the sensible navigation tools and reporting features promote self-directed and assigned learning all within one convenient platform. Additional design features of BizLMS are the homepage widgets. These customizable sections appear on the learner’s homepage and assist in minimizing clicks so your learners can easily find desired content.

Customizable widgets include:

  • My playlists
  • Recommended content
  • Highest-rated content
  • Featured curated learning paths
  • Browse topics
  • Recent learning
  • Most popular
  • New releases

Revving Your Training Program Engine with Quality Content

The ‘engine’ of BizLMS is our award-winning content library. Our multiple packages and producer partner courses ensure you’re getting the right content for your training programs. Content is expertly crafted and curated, and the LMS includes customizable curated learning paths, learning initiatives, content curation tools, microlearning lessons, and expert-led courses on today’s most important industry topics.

Some examples of content currently in the BizLibrary Collection include in-depth lessons on using Microsoft products like Word and 365, Expert Series on Goal Setting and Leading Teams, and lessons on safety and compliance with titles like Bloodborne Pathogens and Halting Harassment: Prevention Basics for Managers.

Explore more of our content offerings, including new releases and content highlights, by visiting the Content Library section of our website.

Must-Have Learning Management System Features

When you think about the car of your dreams, what about it puts butterflies in your stomach? That’s right- the features. Whether you’re looking for custom Italian leather seats, a heated and cooled steering wheel, an app-controlled remote start, or a Supercharged 5.2-Liter V8 engine, we can all agree that features are the most exciting part of buying a new car.

With BizLMS, it’s also all about the features. Our learning management system is so much more than a platform for assigning training content. It’s a tool for crafting the e-learning or hybrid training program of your dreams. From the virtual classroom tool that enables you to launch and record your own live training sessions, to our content suggestion engine, customizable certifications, in-depth and custom reports, and more, the BizLMS features are sure to drive your program forward.

Level-up Your Learning Programs

Supporting your training programs is our #1 priority, and we’ve created BizLMS to be a one-stop shop for launching and maintaining successful programs! Within the platform, you will get practical tools for leveling up your programs along with award-winning content and training materials that are sure to help your programs go the distance.

Unlike other learning management systems, BizLMS is easy to navigate and implement from start to finish. Our learning management system is the perfect balance between customizable and curated so you get everything you want and need to create engaging training programs! By using the features of BizLMS you can build, launch, and facilitate learning programs that support your organization’s goals with a team of professionals available to help you every step of the way.

BizLMS Features

One feature of our learning management system is that it comes with expert content curation and customization services including off-the-shelf curated learning paths that you can use as is or customize. The content customization features can be used to create “wow” moments within your onboarding programs and beyond that set you apart from other organizations. One way to achieve this is by including a welcome message from your CEO that greets your learners within the learning management system from their very first log-in.

In addition, our hybrid classroom management feature combined with learning paths and initiatives can create unique videos perfect for implementing transformative onboarding programs, compliance programs, and more! Using a curated learning path can be used to set a baseline for your managers or communicate desired competencies for learners looking to increase their knowledge of a particular subject or skill.

Our learning initiatives feature is a game changer for administrators looking to create seamless training experiences for their learners. These pathways can be contingent on learner attributes, like job roles, and be set up to automatically assign learners with their next set of content once they’ve completed their current training assignments. Learning initiatives are useful for targeting a particular group at your organization, for example, those who are looking to get certified in customer service best practices. Also, due to their contingency capabilities, learning initiatives are the perfect tool for onboarding programs by logically segmenting training materials within the learning management system creating a seamless experience for both learners and administrators alike.

Another unique feature of BizLMS is our full library of client support materials! With resources like program marketing emails, detailed activity outlines, and best practice program playbooks, you’ll have access to everything you need to take your programs from zero to sixty in no time!

Are you ready to test drive BizLMS? Check out our full product demo with BizLibrary’s Manager of Solutions Consulting, Tawn Gutermuth! Stream the full on-demand session here.

Alongside the customizable content and amazing platform features, BizLMS has options available for those who are more serious about leveling up their learning programs.

The product that is making big waves in our client’s online learning programs is BizSkills, our off-the-shelf upskilling platform that provides your workforce with personalized training and career mapping for each unique employee.

BizSkills is a heavy hitter and offers support in critical areas by mapping skills by job role, creating skill interests and ratings, and offering content mapping that helps build personalized development plans for each learner.

Learn more about this incredible tool by visiting the BizSkills section of our website, or by reaching out to your personal BizLibrary representative today!

The latest BizLibrary product that has us shouting from the rooftops is our expert-led, cohort-based online learning education tool, BizAcademy! This cross-collaborative training academy offers multiple sessions each led by current industry experts for maximum learning and retention of important skills!

Discover current sessions and enroll your learners today by visiting the BizAcademy section of our website.

Partnerships that Last

Finally, partnering with BizLibrary is like having a personal mechanic available for your every need. From our incredible Implementation team that sets you up for success, to our amazing Client Services Teams, you can rest easy knowing you have a partner to help you no matter what.

Your learning programs are worth the investment in a training tool that checks all the boxes. Oh, and has the wheels to help your programs go the distance.

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