Weekly Video Highlight

Weekly Video Highlight: Tools for Anxiety and Stress at Work

It’s no secret that the workplace is a common source of anxiety and stress.

The stress your employees feel also impacts your organization – unless you take action to reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace, you may experience high (and costly) employee turnover, frequent absenteeism leading to lost productivity, and even legal costs!

This video from The BizLibrary Collection features several strategies your employees can use to assess and address their levels of stress and anxiety.

This comprehensive video outlines strategies like breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, diet and lifestyle changes, and more to help employees identify the biggest causes of their stress with solutions to help reduce the effects.

Although workplace stress will always be present, using the strategies in this video will help transform the mental health of your valued employees.

Click the play button below to watch a one-minute preview of this week’s video highlight!


Training & Development Industry Researcher | Derek researches, discusses, and writes about the impacts of employee learning on organizations and individuals. He regularly interviews L&D and HR professionals, sharing their insight on trends and best practices that help organizations create stronger training programs, and help to grow their employees and their business.