Top 7 Challenges Small Businesses Should Tackle with Microlearning


As a small organization or team, it can be difficult to find employee training that’s both comprehensive and affordable. Your problems are more unique than your enterprise counterparts and your people are wearing a lot of hats.

Here are the top 7 challenges that your small businesses should tackle with microlearning:

1. Onboarding

Employee turnover costs organizations a lot of money. Properly training new employees is a must for both their professional development and your bottom line.

2. Compliance

The face of compliance training (think sexual harassment, OSHA, diversity) has changed drastically over the last few years. That means that your staff needs to continue to take compliance training over the years to keep up. With microlearning, you can make these topics bearable, interesting and retainable while only taking minutes out of your employees’ day.

3. Multigenerational workforce

Today’s workforce is extremely generationally diverse. In order for everyone to have an understanding of one-another, you’ll need to provide training that addresses these issues. Doing this online makes for a more engaging and less awkward experience than in-person training.

4. All those desktop computing skills

In a small or mid-sized business, you don’t have time to train someone on the latest Microsoft excel tips and tricks. It’s quicker, easier and more cost-effective to refer them to the appropriate online training.

5. Cross-training

You may have someone who’s great at what they do, but now you need them to add some customer facing tasks to their list. What do you do? Set them loose and hope for the best? Microlearning allows employees to pick up different skill sets quickly.

6. New managers and leaders

Just because you have a great salesperson at your organization, doesn’t mean they’ll be a great sales supervisor, unless they’ve got the right training. Microlearning can be a great way to get your new managers up-to-speed on what it means to be a supervisor.

7. Learning retention

Have you heard of Bursts and Boosts? The concept is simple, watch short, engaging training videos (Bursts), and then reinforce that training in the days and weeks following (Boosts). Training is great and vital, but if that training isn’t reinforced, your employees will forget over 70% of what they learn in 24 hours. The science is clear that sending out quiz questions and other brain teasers at specific intervals, that have to do with the training employees have completed, increases retention and of course, ROI.

Boiled down, you need a one-size-fits-all solution that meets all of these challenges, and you need it at small business prices with small business flexibility.

Well, BizLibrary’s got you covered. We’re introducing our small/mid-sized business solution that’s perfect for organizations with a lot of training needs, but not a lot of people. Our small/mid-sized option is the same award-winning solution we offer to our enterprise clients, only tailored to fit the needs of a smaller organization. You’ll have access to the entire BizLibrary Collection with the ability to add on more services as YOU see necessary.

The BizLibrary Collection, our award-winning online training library, contains thousands of videos, covers a wide variety of topic areas and includes additional support materials to further increase learning retention.

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Content Manager at BizLibrary