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The BizLibrary Podcast produces episodes where HR and learning and development professionals can gain relevant and insightful information, advice, tips, resources, and inspiration for managing and developing their online employee training programs.



Episode 68: Getting the Most Out of Your Interviews

Episode Page | Guest(s): Matthew Burr | Listen On: iTunes, Google Play, Spotify

Episode 67: Personal Branding

Episode Page | Guest(s): Thomas Shayon Harrell | Listen On: iTunes, Google Play, Spotify

Episode 66: Understanding Learning Retention

Episode Page | Guest(s): Mark Nilles | Listen On: iTunes, Google Play, Spotify

Episode 65: Overcoming Skill Gaps

Episode Page | Guest(s): Katie Miller | Listen On: iTunes, Google Play, Spotify

Episode 64: How to Communicate During Crisis Management

Episode Page | Guest(s): Dr. Jaclyn Brandhorst | Listen On: iTunes, Google Play, Spotify


Hannah Brenner
Hannah serves as the Client Marketing Specialist at BizLibrary. In her role, she works to provide resources, tools, and best practices to clients in designing and implementing their training program, as well as oversee BizLibrary’s annual client conference ALIGN. Prior to working as the Client Marketing Specialist, she spent three years as a BizLibrary Client Success Consultant where she discussed training strategies and worked with clients directly to constantly improve their training program, seeing a positive return on investment. She holds a BA in Media and Communication from Butler University and a MA in Executive Leadership from Gardner-Webb University.
Derek Smith
Derek Smith works at BizLibrary as the Content Marketing Specialist. After being introduced to the elearning industry and the powerful technology tools that fuel corporate learning, he quickly developed an interest in the industry, the practice, and in developing compelling content that helps Learning and Development and Human Resource practitioners achieve greater impacts in their organizations. In his role, he oversees the BizLibrary blog, writes and edits content for ebooks, magazines, and guides, and manages BizLibrary’s social media.

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