BizAcademy, the newest product to help employers offer premium learning and development opportunities to their employees, goes live this month with multiple academies available for registration.  

BizAcademy will offer expert-led learning for small groups of cohort learners. There are several different tracks for BizAcademy learners, including New Manager Fundamentals, Leadership Essentials, Remote Leadership, Women in Leadership, Executive Leadership, and more. Sessions are offered in 16-week Certificate Programs or 4-week Focus Programs. BizAcademy will take a blended approach to these cohort learning experiences with live and dynamic synchronous sessions, on-demand recorded content, live coaching, and workshops based on specific skill blocks. This experience will be delivered through BizLMS, BizLibrary’s learning management system. 

“BizAcademy was developed as a direct result of the challenges that organizations face when seeking to develop their leaders. This type of personalized and direct communication from industry experts is meant to take learners beyond individually directed training and truly give them meaningful education that they will use for the rest of their careers,” said Erin Pinkowski, Chief Product Officer of BizLibrary.  

Kevin Eikenberry and Guy Harris will be the first experts to kick off BizAcademy on February 21 with a New Manager Fundamentals certificate program. Leadership Essentials will kick-off on February 22 with leadership skill blocks featuring Meridith Elliott Powell, Scott Mautz, David Dye, and Karin Hurt.  BizAcademy’s expert instructors include executive coaches, TedX speakers, authors, business strategists, and CEOs. 

“We’re very excited to be able to offer such a premium product to our clients,” Chief Revenue Officer Chris Elliott said. “It almost feels like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be able to learn directly from some really big names in the leadership development space, and I’m really proud that we can offer that to our leaders at any stage of their career.”  

BizLibrary will be hosting a virtual BizAcademy Product Launch Event on January 17. This event is free to attend and you can register here to learn more about how BizAcademy can help you develop leaders at every level.  

About BizLibrary  

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