Weekly Video Highlight

Weekly Video Highlight: Establishing a Culture of Agility

According to an IBM study, over 60% of organizations fail to properly adapt to change, even though 83% of CEOs expect substantial changes to be needed in the future. That discrepancy can be traced back to ill-prepared leadership trying to lead their teams through stressful times.

Even the most successful managers often struggle to get every employee on board and accepting of change.

This video from The BizLibrary Collection outlines the basics of agility, and can be used to teach new managers and experienced leaders alike how to navigate through difficult change. It helps learners understand how agility is a function of your organization’s culture, and must be reflected in your company’s vision, values, and mission.

In addition, learners discover how agility applies to their organization’s structure. They learn how to apply flexibility in relationships with their direct reports, how they manage their teams, and how they delegate tasks and projects to employees.

Finally, and most importantly, this video helps learners understand how agility applies to the people within the organization.

Videos like “Establishing a Culture of Agility” help leaders understand how to guide their organization through any difficult but necessary change.

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