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HR insights and tips with Jeff Havens
4 min

Want to Improve Your Business Culture? Here Are 3 Ways to Do It

While improving your business culture might sound like a daunting task, it’s actually much easier to...
EQ at Work Relationship Management
6 min

EQ at Work: Relationship Management Fundamentals for Employees

If you're seeing your employees struggling to collaborate, people talking behind each other's backs, or a...
EQ at work social awareness
6 min

EQ at Work: Building Employees’ Empathy and Social Awareness

You can be proactive in creating a more empathetic culture by helping your employees to develop...
4 min

The Evolution of the Workplace

With early adopters and influencers like Sir Branson and SHRM endorsing a changing workplace, we believe...
EQ at work self-management
6 min

EQ at Work: Self-Management Skills for Your Employees

When you're dedicated to helping your employees improve their self-management, expect to start seeing some positive...
EQ at work self-awareness
6 min

EQ at Work: Developing Employees’ Self-Awareness

Developing employees' self-awareness forms the foundation for improving how they manage their behaviors and interactions with...
Multiple generations at work
4 min

What Every Generation Wants at Work

By understanding not only the differences, but the values that tie each generation together, you can...
2 min

Kofi Annan On Leadership, Education, and Fulfillment

The world said goodbye to a visionary leader on Saturday. BizLibrary pays tribute to Mr. Kofi...
4 min

Are There Things that Can’t Be Taught with Microlearning?

Employees are busy and distracted. How then, can training fit the needs and habits of today's...
HR insights and tips with Jeff Havens
3 min

6 Surprising Reasons to Enhance Your Business Ethics

Here are 6 reasons to enhance your business ethics and 5 strategies for putting them into...
5 min

7 Key Factors for Learning Program Success: A Practical Guide to Evaluating Training

These seven factors can be used as a measuring stick to gauge the strength of your...
2 min

One Simple Question To Help You Improve Your Workplace Today

A simple question can help you discover ways to improve your company culture, reduce costs, and...