BizLibrary has netted another award in the 2023 season, this time by customer reference platform FeaturedCustomers. BizLMS was named a Top Performer in the Corporate Learning Management Software category.  

BizLibrary’s LMS software was weighted based on three categories – a Content score, a Market Presence score, and a Company score. FeaturedCustomers took BizLMS’s customer reference ratings into account, coupled with BizLibrary’s market presence and even evaluated our own company performance, like total number of employees and turnover YOY!  

We love our LMS and are proud to empower L&D and HR professionals to forge new learning paths for their teams with the support of BizLibrary. We’re also working every day to add new features that make our products even more effective – like a new admin dashboard (coming soon!) that will simplify and highlight learner results and admin ease of use! 

Here’s one of our favorite reviews that FeaturedCustomers highlighted in our award: 

“BizLibrary has helped us solve a lot of the challenges with our internal leadership program, simply from the ease of use. Being able to go out and create curriculums and being able to track somebody’s progress and internal growth as it relates to their performance evaluations is really important to us; being with BizLibrary has helped us to be able to do that.” 

Kristen D., VP of Organizational Development at Consumers Credit Union 

Training Magazine Network also recognized BizLibrary’s LMS with their Customer Choice Award ceremony of 2023. Training Magazine Network’s member community were invited to cast their votes for vendor partners that they found provided the most effective tools and solutions for their work – and BizLibrary won out in the Learning Portal/Learning Management System Category.  

Many thanks to all of our incredible clients who made achieving this award possible! If you’d like to join the ranks of awesome BizLibrary client, contact a sales representative today!