BizLibrary announces new Virtual Classroom feature

BizLibrary continues to release new features and enhancements to their foundational product, BizLMS. The newest addition is the Virtual Classroom feature, which will allow BizLMS users to deliver virtual classes directly in the platform without needing to transfer over to an external video conferencing software. However, Virtual Classroom is more than a video conferencing tool. 

“Virtual Classroom will allow administrators to centralize their training tracking and delivery methods, making it a great tool to manage blended learning for a hybrid workforce,” said Erin Pinkowski, Chief Product Officer at BizLibrary.  

Virtual Classroom will allow administrators to plan and administer training courses from start to finish with audio, video, chat, in-app polling and a Q&A feature. Administrators can create multiple sessions in advance so that training can be completed in as many or a few sessions as necessary. Additionally, administrators will also have the ability to make live sessions available as on-demand content for learners who couldn’t attend synchronously.  

Virtual Classroom will simplify the instructor-led training experience for both the administrator and the learner. Administrators will be able to track and report. Administrators can manage their event roster and track attendance from Virtual Classroom.  

Learners will have the ability to register for and attend events in the same platform, creating a seamless experience at every step.  

Chief Revenue Officer Chris Elliott stated that “The Virtual Classroom addition to the BizLMS makes BizLibrary’s solution a one-stop-shop for learning and development now more than ever. The platform keeps growing to deliver more functionality to our current and future users.” 

The new features of BizLMS, namely Virtual Classroom, lend themselves to the blended learning classroom environment. BizLMS will be used to deliver BizLibrary’s newest learning experience, BizAcademy, which is blended cohort learning taught by industry experts.  

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