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BizAI is a learning assistant who powers BizLibrary products to give learners and administrators alike an enhanced approach to online learning.  

The World Economic Forum reported that 75% of organizations are expected to adopt AI technology on a mass scale in the next five years. Furthermore, 80% of organizations that have already adopted some form of AI are expected to ramp up their automation strategy in that time. But you might be wondering – what does that look like in practice in the workplace, especially in a field like L&D? AI is transforming landscapes all across the workplace in every industry – and learning and development is no different.

BizAI, your new AI learning assistant, makes the most use out of two other forms of artificial intelligence in the workplace – machine learning and natural language processing. Machine learning uses algorithms to identify patterns and make predictions based on past behavior. This is how BizAI is able to predict and locate content that learners will love without involving administrators. Natural language processing (NLP) is similar to machine learning, but it is hyper-specialized to understanding human language and speech. BizAI uses NLP to quickly understand what type of content users are looking for and can serve up personalized content recommendations as well as related content. Let’s look at the individual features of BizAI so far.

Introducing BizAI: Transforming Learning and Development 

BizAI’s upcoming release marks a significant milestone in the evolution of online learning solutions, addressing the challenges faced by L&D professionals head-on. This new AI-powered learning assistant advances BizLibrary solutions either further ahead of the curve and brings a host of features designed to enhance the learning experience and streamline the skill development process.

1. Role-Specific Upskilling

BizAI uses machine learning to match learners with pre-built job role, skill, and content paths that provide personalized learning and career growth tailored to individual employees. This BizAI feature is showcased in BizSkills, the first and only off-the-shelf upskilling platform that maps 1,500 of the most in-demand skills to 85% of the most common job roles and recommends BizLibrary content based on those skills and job roles. BizSkills leverages AI to provide custom learning plans that are unique to learners without additional administrative lift that typical upskilling and reskilling plans require.

With the Skills Genie feature, administrators can enter a job title, and Skills Genie will search relevant job postings all throughout the U.S. to give administrators the most sought-after skills in the industry. Administrators can choose applicable skills from a checklist to add to their custom job role. They choose the ones they want, and voila! They have customizable skills and job titles without long hours of browsing the library or writing descriptions from scratch. 

2. AI-Enhanced Search 

Say goodbye to endless searches for the right learning materials. BizAI introduces AI-enhanced search functionality, allowing users to effortlessly find the most relevant content based on their specific needs. Powered by advanced natural language processing, the search function understands user queries, making it easier to locate courses, videos, and other resources tailored to individual requirements. This not only saves time but ensures that employees access the most pertinent information for their skill development journey. 

Enhanced Search Functionality

3. AI-Powered Recommendation Engine 

BizAI’s recommendation engine takes personalization to a whole new level. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, the platform analyzes user behavior, preferences, and historical data to deliver highly targeted content recommendations. This not only enhances engagement but also ensures that employees receive content that aligns with their skill development goals. The more a user engages with the platform, the more accurate and personalized the recommendations become, creating a continuous learning loop that adapts to individual needs. 

4. New Learner Profile  

Recognizing the importance of a seamless onboarding experience, BizAI delivers a new learner onboarding feature. During the onboarding process, users can now set their learner preferences, specifying their preferred learning formats, topics of interest, and preferred pacing. This information is then used to curate a personalized learning journey, ensuring that employees start their skill development journey with content that resonates with their individual preferences. This feature not only fosters a sense of ownership over one’s learning but also accelerates the effectiveness of the training process. 

Coming Soon: Automate Content Creation with BizAI 

BizAI is just the beginning of BizLibrary’s exciting journey into the future with AI-driven learning. We have ambitious plans to expand AI functionality within our tools over the coming year. Our initial releases will focus on improving the learner experience, with subsequent releases focused on the administrator experience, focused in the areas of content curation and creation.

Content creation can be a very time consuming process for administrators. In the future, admins will be able to upload a document, and BizAI will assist them in creating a course based on the information provided in the document. Course materials automatically generated could include PowerPoint slides with audio voice over, audio transcript, and quiz questions and answers. Not only will this save the admin time, it will also allow them to build courses specifically for their organization’s unique needs in a few hours.

Curating existing content can be time consuming too. Administrators will soon be able to leverage BizAI to ask for content recommendations for building learning initiatives or playlists.

If you’re interested in learning more about the upcoming launch of BizAI and gaining access to more transformational L&D strategies, join us to Meet BizAI on April 4 at our launch event!

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