meet biz ai introduction by bizzy the ai assistant

BizLibrary has announced the arrival of BizAI, a new feature-set baked into their solution that uses machine learning and natural language processing to enhance learner and administrator experiences.  

The following AI-powered feature upgrades are live in the platform now: 

Learner Profiles 

With Learner Profiles, users can take charge of their training. This feature allows them to set their preferred learning formats, choose topics that interest them most, and adjust the pace of their learning journey. This not only benefits learners by creating a more engaging experience, but it also reduces the burden on administrators by giving users more control over their training content. 

Role-Specific Upskilling  

Powered by machine learning, BizAI personalizes the learning experience for each employee. It does this by matching individual users with pre-built skill and content paths that target specific job roles and career development goals. 

Recommendation Engine 

BizAI doesn’t just throw training at you – it learns what works for you! The Recommendation Engine uses machine learning to analyze your behavior, preferences, and past learning to suggest content that’s perfectly tailored to your needs. 

Enhanced Search Capabilities 

BizAI introduces a next-level search experience powered by AI. Using natural language processing, the search function understands even complex queries and delivers the most relevant learning content, including courses, videos, and other resources tailored to your specific needs. 

BizLibrary also recently announced automated content creation, a generative AI function, is on the roadmap, as well as using generative AI for language translation. This feature will allow administrators to create a course outline based on the contents of a single document upload. Course materials could include PowerPoint slides with an automated voice over, audio transcript, quiz materials and answers, and more.  

If you’re interested in seeing a walkthrough of BizAI and how BizLibrary is innovating L&D platforms, watch the launch webinar on-demand.