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You Have To LOVE Customers

You Have to LOVE Customers

“Make a customer, not a sale.”Katherine Barchetti

To give great service, one of the things you have to learn to do is love customers. Not like them. Not tolerate them. Not endure them. LOVE them!

If your organization doesn’t serve customers properly, you can bet customers will replace you with someone who will. Here is a list of key takeaways from our customer service video series, Customer Service Communication Skills:

1. Never disrespect customers, even when they’re being irritating or difficult.

2. Customers are not dependent on you. If you go away, someone else will be able to fill their needs. In fact, you are dependent on them!

3. Don’t treat customers as outsiders. They are a vital part of your business and you should treat them as partners. Make them feel important.

4. Customers are not statistics, markets or consumers – they are people just like you, with needs, emotions and problems, trying to work hard and make it through the day. Keep this in mind when you’re speaking to them.

5. Customers are dealing with you because they think you can help them with an unmet need. They are dealing with you because they think you have a solution for their problems.

6. EVERYONE is a customer.

7. Great service organizations view customers totally different than mediocre organizations.

8. Customers deserve the most courteous and attentive treatment you can give them.

9. Customers aren’t an interruption of your work; they are the purpose for what you do.

10. Finally, never forget that customers are the most important people in any business process. Without them, there is no reason to employ you!

This video series will help you communicate properly with customers, generate satisfied customers, and contribute to a great customer service organization!

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