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Comprehensive Online Learning to Build New Managers’ Leadership Skills

Research from Capterra suggests most businesses aren’t doing enough to prepare their new managers, with 40% of managers reporting that they received less than two hours of managerial training in 2018.

Two hours of training for one of the most important positions in a company isn’t enough, and effective management means a lot for your business – good managers can increase productivity by as much as 50%, while struggling managers can increase turnover by 60%!

The transition from peer to leader can be difficult for new managers, but Church of the Resurrection found that BizLibrary’s online learning solutions could help them provide consistent training tools that made a massive difference in managers’ results. Hear how their organization and others have navigated this challenge with online training:

Microlearning from BizLibrary covers all the topics a first-time manager needs to be successful, and with these short, interactive videos, your employees can find time to learn in between the everyday tasks that help your business function.

Don’t leave your new managers hanging with only two hours of training! BizLibrary’s learning content and technology can help you transform their development into a fully comprehensive program that delivers measurable results.

Interviewing Skills for a Growing Workplace

Transitioning from individual contributor to manager is tough, as new skills are required to successfully build and lead a team. Developing a first-time manager’s interviewing skills will help them discern which candidates will be the best hires for their team and your organization.

Conflict Resolution

Managers are often called upon to handle conflicts with their employees or other departments, and if handled poorly or left unresolved, those conflicts can create serious problems in your workplace. Microlearning videos can be an effective way to help first-time managers learn what to do in heated situations.

Learn to Coach Like a Boss

Delivering meaningful feedback and coaching employees effectively is tough! BizLibrary’s training content helps your managers provide purposeful, individualized feedback that will help each member of their team improve performance and results!

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