In a world where work is constantly evolving, HR and L&D professionals often struggle with relentless demands on their time and resources, particularly when it comes to training initiatives that go beyond mere compliance. 

To tackle these challenges and relieve the strain administrators face in developing, monitoring, assessing, and demonstrating the ROI of their learning programs, we’re excited to unveil a new feature that will streamline program management: the all-new BizLMS administrator dashboard! 

This dashboard is purposefully built to give administrators the tools they need to efficiently manage training programs and online learning activities. It serves as a centralized hub for overseeing successful learning programs, and its advanced features are specifically designed to simplify program management and minimize associated challenges. 

It features quick-action widgets, that allow administrators to easily access commonly used functions like creating learners and assigning content, and offers key metrics crucial for showcasing ROI, all conveniently accessible on the dashboard homepage.  

This new feature places a strong emphasis on user-friendly navigation by reducing the number of clicks needed to access critical training data. It offers a convenient presentation of widgets and information through an enhanced design, providing program managers with the option to either share essential data directly from the dashboard view or capture detailed screenshots for use in other resources. 

The features in this dashboard tackle four main challenges commonly faced by program administrators.

The challenges are as follows: 

  1. Scarcity of time to accomplish desired tasks. 
  1. Difficulty finding and extracting desired training data. 
  1. Disconnection in communicating ROI and program value to leadership.  
  1. Struggles in tracking and comparing learner data on elective learning or prescriptive assignments. 

The dashboard effectively deals with these major administrative challenges by centralizing essential management functions on the homepage and offering interactive widgets to streamline common administrative tasks 

Here’s a more detailed look at how it tackles those key admin challenges head-on: 

  1. Time Optimization: Managing your learning programs just got a whole lot easier! Admins can now swiftly build programs, assign content, and assess vital metrics within the dashboard using its quick keys function. This feature provides valuable time-saving resources by minimizing clicks and reducing time spent searching for comparative learner data.  
  1. Streamlined Communication: Presenting metrics and key ROI data to stakeholders just got a lot easier. The dashboard provides a central hub for important learning data making it easy to analyze information at a glance and share metrics with leadership.   
  1. Comprehensive Reporting: The reporting process is simplified as content trends and learner activity are tracked in a single, centralized hub. No more deep dives for data or switching between screens. Instead, admins can view a breakdown of elective vs. prescription learner activity data as well as overall assignment data from the dashboard.  

With its integration into BizLMS, the dashboard has access to different aspects of each organization’s unique system including connection to the organization’s content library, learners, activity data, and developed learning programs. Administrators can create teams, add learners, upload content, interact with approval requests, and more by using the quick-action widgets on the dashboard, as well as assign content to learners and teams.  

In essence, this dashboard is a shortcut to seamless administration, enabling administrators to focus on what truly matters – enhancing the learning experience. 

For a firsthand look at our new administrator dashboard, we invite you to check out this brief video walkthrough. If you’re an existing BizLMS user with administrative privileges, you can begin enjoying these advantages right away. Just log in to BizLMS and head to the administrator dashboard to begin exploring these new features today. 

If you’d like to learn more about partnering with BizLibrary, request a product demo with one of our experienced learning experts.