Selecting the right candidate for the job can be difficult – how will you know if they’re the right person for the job? Behavioral Interviewing is a technique that focuses on past experiences to assess how they might navigate the current conditions of the position that is currently open. Behavioral interviewing can reveal past pain points but also showcase situations of growth and development. Behavioral Interviewing is designed to help hiring managers evaluate and improve their hiring process to select the best candidates. Oftentimes, there’s more to a candidate than what’s on the page.

Sarah Johnston is a former corporate recruiter and current founder of Briefcase Coach, a career consultancy that focuses on executive resume writing, interview coaching, target company research, and more. In her time as a recruiter, Sarah saw many talented high-potentials and promising candidates get passed over for open positions or promotions because they didn’t have the learned skills on interview positioning and marketing documents.

Sarah Johnston’s Behavioral Interviewing course consists of ten lessons that tackle a different challenge of interviewing. Some topics of the lessons include formulating the best job description for the role, formulating questions based on the duties of the position, identifying company values and team dynamics, evaluating the candidates post-interview, building rapport with candidates, responding to red flags, and more.  

The interview process can have a serious impact on employee retention and brand opinion. After all, not every candidate can be selected for the position, and the way you treat candidates during the interview process will stick with them. Sarah Johnston explains the best way to structure an interview process for the best success. The interview process can also be a glimpse into what it’s like to work for your company, so it’s important that you’re setting realistic expectations right from the beginning.

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