Welcome to our Expert Insights Series! This series brings training content on tough business challenges presented by diverse, highly successful professionals who are actively working in their fields. We have experts covering anti-harassment, mental health in the workplace, how to be a great remote teammate, and more!
Driving Your Own Development: Accelerating Your Development
In this experience, learners will leave with an understanding of how consciousness, humility, reflection, and intentionality can greatly elevate their development.
Freedom From Racism: Worthwhile Discomfort
After viewing, learners will understand that simply ignoring a topic is not the solution, but that discussing painful subjects with care is the ideal solution.
Developing Remarkable Marketing Campaigns: Develop Customer Personas
After watching this lesson, viewers will understand the purpose of building accurate customer personas and where to begin when building one.
Real Confidence: Managing Emotional Confidence Kryptonite
This lesson covers common things that can undermine our confidence, such as the fear of looking stupid, regret, or failure. This course is guided by confidence expert Alyssa Dver, CEO and founder of the American Confidence Institute.
Effectively Negotiate: Principles of Negotiating
This lesson explores negotiation tactics to clearly define objectives, overcome objections, and improve negotiation outcomes. After viewing, learners will have the ability to develop a game plan and strategy, and work towards a satisfactory solution for both parties.
Financial Planning and Investing: Matching Risk to Your Goals
This experience breaks down a conservative, moderate, and aggressive investor. Also, learners are given a formula to use as a guideline when determining how they should invest.
Best Use of Time: Plan or Fail
This lesson covers how learners can exercise control over how their time is used by implementing habits to help them achieve more with the time they have. After viewing, learners will understand the importance of planning as it relates to realistic availability, work-life balance, and consequences.
Behavioral Interviewing: Art: The Importance of Listening and Deep Probing
Behavioral interviewing helps managers gather valuable information during the hiring process. This lesson will equip hiring managers to ask candidates probing questions using reciprocal conversation.
Exceptional Leadership Communication: How to Effectively Inspire Your Team
Being an effective and inspiring leader is key to having a successful team. In his course, Leadership Educator, TEDx Speaker, Author, and Executive Coach Brandon Smith helps leaders more effectively lead and communicate in today’s world. In this video, he teaches how to use inspiration to light a fire on any team by discussing the two types of inspiration, the essential elements to include when telling an inspiring story, and how to structure a personal journey when trying to use it to inspire others.
Women in Leadership: Owning Your Voice
Voice is a vital leadership tool that shapes how employees perceive their leaders, drives communication, and determines the level of respect a leaders get. It’s even more critical that women find their voice. In her course, Speaker, Author, and Business Strategist Meridith Elliot Powell strives to reach women in the C-Suite and those who aspire to get there. In this video, she helps women find their authentic voice by sharing a step-by-step plan for how to build a powerful voice to command respect.
Bud to Boss: Creating the Mindset for Your New Role
Making the transition to leader is a big step. In this lesson, learners will understand what leadership looks like and how to create the right mindset for their new role.
Courageous Cultures: Navigate the Narrative
This lessons dives into the first step in the four-step process to build a team culture where ideas are honestly and openly shared. In this video, Karin shares an impactful story of how navigating her own narrative in her career made a huge difference to an important initiative. After viewing, learners will understand this important first step and be prompted to take a self-assessment.
Successful Middle Management: The Mindset of the Best Middle Managers
This lesson guides viewers through how to think like a middle manager. In this experience, learners are presented with the three elements of a middle manager mindset and tips for embracing each.
Managing Up: Virtual and Hybrid Workplaces
Employees need to have a productive relationship with the boss they have even when the boss they have may not be the boss they want. In her course, Mary Abbajay, author of Managing Up: How to Move Up, Win at Work, and Succeed with Any Type of Boss, aims to steer viewers to do just that by describing different types of bosses. In this video, she describes how to maintain a strong relationship with a boss while working from afar by discussing the unique challenges of managing up in a remote environment and then explores useful strategies for overcoming those obstacles to work successfully with any boss at a distance.
Thrive While Working Remotely: Communication Best Practices
Communicating get complicated when teams go remote, because you can’t just swing by someone’s desk to ask them a question. In his course, remote work consultant and educator Mike Gutman helps both managers and employees work at their best while they’re working from home. In this video, shows methods of communication that best suit remote work, how to set communication preferences, and how to improve communication styles so work can be seamless on any team.
The Science of Happiness at Work: How to Stay on Track and Stick to Your Goals
This lesson introduces key concepts in the field of positive psychology to help learners increase their joy and productivity at work and in life. After viewing, learners will have a handful of tactics to help them accomplish their goals.
Inclusive Mindset: What Diversity Is and Isn't
How we define diversity is super important. To some it's race, gender, sexuality, politics, or religion. But diversity goes deeper than that. In his Inclusive Mindset course, Founder and CEO of Work.Meaningful Justin Jones-Fosu strives to help viewers authentically embrace diversity and inclusion. In this video, he digs into the humanity case for diversity by dismantling some preconceived notions about diversity and pushing viewers to think beyond race, gender, and sexuality.
Being a Remarkable Long-Distance Teammate: Building Relationships and Trust
Teams aren’t going to be able to work well together without building strong relationships and trust. In his course, Leadership and Remote/Hybrid Work Expert Kevin Eikenberry strives to help viewers reach their full potential as a remote employee. In this video, he first describes how to cultivate mutually trusting and respectful relationships while working in a dispersed workforce, then shares why it’s important to have meaningful relationships with your teammates, and closes out the video by delivering specific tactics to use to improve relationships with long-distance coworkers.
Creating an Amazing Customer Experience: Customer-Focused Culture
In this lesson, viewers will learn six helpful steps to engage customers in your organizational culture, including tips like defining your customer experience and defending the culture.
Building a Winning Mindset: Bounce Back Mindset
In this lesson, learners will gain the tools they need to withstand obstacles and setbacks. Viewers will develop the ability to build the mindset that will take them on the path to success.
Identity Theft Prevention: Common Types of Scams
Scammers are always coming up with new ways to try and access information. In this video, expert Robert Siciliano discusses many of those types of scams and how to prevent these common types of scams from occurring.
Professional Selling: The Sales Mindset—Your Attitude
When selling, attitude is important. Sales Expert Jim Cathcart shares insights into the importance of having a positive mindset toward customers and clients and teaches how to build and maintain trust with customers and build quality connections with them.
Understanding Six Sigma: Principles of Six Sigma
Six Sigma is a set of techniques and tools for process improvement and measurement. In his course, Expert Steven Brown dives into Six Sigma, Six Sigma project teams, and the importance of data collection when improving processes and measuring their success.
Winning in the Working World: Right Mindset
In this lesson, viewers will learn about the 95/5 principle and why understanding the rules of the game is so important. By the end, this experience will allow you to approach your role with more flexibility.
Powerful, Professional Presentations: Connect to Your Audience
The message of a presentation is definitely important, however, it’s important to consider the relationship you develop with your audience. In her course, Executive Speech Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Sales Presentation and Online Learning Expert Patricia Fripp shares key ways to develop presentation skills and stand out from the crowd. She shares how building a connection with the audience is a powerful tool for delivering professional and impactful presentations. She also discusses how intellectually and emotionally connecting to your audience, while making you-focused statements, will further grab and solidify the audience’s attention.
Anti-Harassment for Supervisors: What to Do When You Receive a Complaint
Unfortunately, harassment is a reality for millions of workers, and addressing it can greatly affect business. In her courses, Catherine Mattice, a consultant, training, coach, and speaker, educates business leaders on how they can create a positive work environment that prevents harassment. In this video, she shares the legal obligations for managers and supervisors when they receive a complaint about harassment and/or bullying along with some best practices to follow throughout the process and interaction.
Sparking the Customer Experience: Personalize the Experience
The customer is king! In his course, Simon T. Bailey, a keynote speaker, success coach, author, philanthropist (and more!) helps viewers embrace customer service as a mindset to create happy and loyal customers. In this video, he demonstrates how to see every customer as a VIP so that any moment can be personalized to each customer. He shares stories that will inspire viewers to think about what can be done to personalize the experience for clients.
Leadership Skills for New Managers: What Makes an Effective Leader?
Transitioning from individual contributor to new manager can be a difficult switch for anyone. In her course, leadership and career consultant Jena Viviano aims to help viewers become a more effective leader, even if they’re new to management. In this video, she describes ways to become a better leader by sharing traits of good leaders, describing how to be to a power distributor, and empowering viewers to demand excellence.
Workplace Mental Health: Supporting a Coworker in Crisis
Poor mental health and stress can negatively affect employees, especially if teams are predominantly virtual. In his course, founder of Birdies for Bipolar Mike Wellington sheds light on how to manage mental health in the workplace as an employee. He discusses how to be there for a coworker who’s working through mental health challenges and shares some specific tips for supporting someone who is having a mental health crisis at work.
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