When an organization gets to a certain size, it becomes more important than ever – and more difficult – to view all of your important data in the same place. Revenue dashboards, profitability statements, expenses, and other important reports need to be viewed in context with each other to achieve the greatest insights. However, as a business grows and invests in more tools, that data becomes thinly spread and siloed into certain departments or softwares. Microsoft BI can change all of that, giving enterprise organizations access to all their most important data at a glance. However, in order to take advantage of Microsoft BI – you have to know how to use it.

BizLibrary Productions is happy to present one of your newest courses on softwares with an expert instructor: Microsoft Power BI: Bringing Your Reports to Life. This course is led by Mike Thomas, an information technology expert with over 30 years of experience in Microsoft business tools. While Mike is a subject matter expert in many technologies and software tools, his primary focus and passion is Microsoft tools such as Power BI and Excel.

Mike is the author of nearly 200 written and video-based Excel tutorials, and hosts a website for Microsoft BI and Excel-curious learners to share their questions and learn new tips and tricks for the platforms. Mike’s series with BizLibrary contains eight of the most hands-on and straightforward lessons that teach newcomers to the platform how to become proficient in Microsoft Power BI.

Microsoft Power BI: Bringing Your Reports to Life walks learners through how to load data into Power BI as well as how to design reports, filter information to reveal the most important data, share your reports with decision makers, and how to tailor your reports to answer a specific question.

BizLibrary has added almost 2,000 new software courses to our library in the last year. If you’re curious about what other technologies and tools you can empower your employees to learn – check out the recent press on our content expansion!