New topics added to BizLibrary's content library

BizLibrary has entered partnerships with technology publishers Packt and Skillsoft and offering an online learning library for programmers and developers seeking to enhance their technological skill. As part of this partnership, BizLibrary is adding thousands of new courses to their library – all focused on technology, software, web development and design, programming, and more.

“We’re really excited about these partnerships,” said Hannah Corrier, BizLibrary Director of Content & Curation. “While BizLibrary already offered some technical training and learning content, these partnerships allows us to serve our clients with even more specialized training content, including training on Adobe products, software design, web development, IT technologies, and even game development.”

BizLibrary’s Unlimited Collection boasts around 10,000 carefully curated titles with an average age of four years. The titles in the library are reviewed monthly to determine if they are still up to date and exceed expectations for learners. Businesses of all industries can take advantage of the lessons within the BizLibrary Unlimited Collection. Now that the technology and software offering has expanded, more teams can take advantage of a content library that also offers training in HR compliance, personal development, business skills, and more.

“The new content really gives BizLibrary the opportunity to expand and support even more of our clients’ learners,” said Kayla FitzGerald, Content Manager. “The variety of titles is also impressive – with courses on multiple programming languages such as Java, C#, Python, and more. You’ll even find lessons on ethical hacking.”

This content is available in the BizLibrary Collection. Additional titles will be available soon, as batches of content are being optimized for delivery. BizLibrary clients are empowered to enhance their learners’ development and their customers’ experience through knowledge offered by this new content. If you’re interested in exploring the BizLibrary content library, click here!

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