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Great Customer Service Skills That Every Employee Needs

great customer service

Customer service can be a difficult skill to master, but at its core, it’s really pretty simple. If the customer is happy, we’re all happy.

However, there are a few universal skills that every member of your sales team should have, and can significantly improve your conversations with customers and overall sales strategy. Below we’ll cover the top six skills you should develop to become a customer-focused organization.

1. Listen to the customer’s needs

Really listen. When a customer feels as though you understand what they’re saying, or at least are trying to understand to better serve them, they feel important.

When a customer feels important and taken care of, they’re more likely to pay attention to what you have to say, and become a loyal customer.

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2. Be knowledgeable about your products and services

Your customers (or potential customers) are likely to ask a lot of questions to understand what you have to offer and to build trust. If you don’t have the answers, make up the answers or are unwilling to investigate for the customer, you’ll quickly lose their trust and their business.

You must make sure every member of your sales team has a deep understanding of your product, so that they are able to assist customers when problems arise.

3. Be quick to solve problems

Avoid unhappy customers and negative online reviews by being quick to respond, clarifying the issue, taking ownership, solving the problem and verifying the customer is satisfied. It is your job to save the customer’s day by finding a quick solution and following up.

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4. Show empathy

The customer is always right. At least in their own mind.

If you’re ready to say the customer was not right, you’re admitting to yourself that you’re ready to lose that customer. It’s best to put yourself in their shoes and take their problem seriously. You should always make the customer feel that they are your first priority, even when you have 20 other customers waiting in line.

Show that you care by being prepared to answer any questions they might have, using positive language, and show respect.

5. Develop great communication skills

Good communication is the foundation of trust, and trust is a the very core of customer loyalty.

There are many things you can do to establish trust with your customer, like using their name when you talk to them, offering an energetic and genuine greeting, making eye contact (if applicable), answer their questions with a smile, and so on.

6. Put the customer first

Don’t ever be too busy with your work to take care of a customer. If a customer is in need, put down the busywork and take care of them first! Your administrative work will always be there, but without good customer service, your customers might not.

Practicing these six tips will give you a solid foundation on which to build your customer service, and will have a great impact on your bottom line!

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